Welcome to EasyPay! Your monthly payments will be based on your prior annual gallon usage. After your application has been received and processed, we will contact you by phone with your monthly payment amount.

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Program Terms & Conditions

1. BLUE STAR GAS will provide “Keep Full” delivery service. (Please note that this offer is unavailable to “Will Call” delivery or metered service customers.) The account balances will be carried with no finance charges as long as the agreed budget payment is received by the 15th of each month. Your account must be at a $0.00 balance to enroll in the EasyPay plan.

2. The EasyPay program starts in the month of June, July and August. Your budget will be based on equal monthly payments preceding your starting month. The program ends on May 31st of the following year, which is considered your settling month. At the time of settlement, if you have a credit balance, it will be applied to your next year’s budget, unless a refund is requested. Otherwise, all balances owing will be due and payable in the settling month.

3. BLUE STAR GAS will periodically review usage in comparison with your budget payment. Budget calculations are based on estimated annual usage or prior history, and are subject to change based on market price and weather. Because our calculations are based on estimates, this may result in your final payment reflecting a large debit or credit balance at the end of the season. If adjustments in the payment schedule are necessary, you will be notified.

4. Either party may terminate this agreement upon written notice. Both parties agree to make an immediate settlement of the account. If you default on the agreed monthly payment, your current account balance will be due and subject to finance charges.
5. Customers must purchase a minimum of 250 gallons of propane per year to be eligible for this program.

6. The EasyPay program is designed for annual fuel purchases and tank rental fees only. All other purchases are not included and shall be paid on standard BLUE STAR GAS terms.

7. The EasyPay program is not for Commercial use.

8. This offer is based on approved credit. COD or deposit-required customers are not eligable for this program.

For complete details of this program, please contact your local BLUE STAR GAS office.
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