2014 ITA Test

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The following test has been written from the Rules, Regulations, and Tournament Procedures of the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA), which can be found in Friend at Court, or on the USTA Officials website.   As an OPEN BOOK TEST, it is designed for you to answer questions, and to become familiar with Friend At Court.   There are 50 questions.  All questions have short multiple choice, or True and False answers. Your answers are limited to the choices on the test.  Don’t find a “better” answer. You are limited to answers on the test.

Be sure to read all questions and answers completely before selecting your answer.


ATTENTION!     All  references are to the NEW 2014 FAC**      ATTENTION!

            **FAC can be found at this link : CLICK HERE 

You must print and bring to class verification that you have passed the appropriate test.  A verification certificate is sent to you upon passing the online test.     **FAC can be found on the USTA website


Scoring:  To pass the test you must answer 45 questions correctly.



You may take the test again by contacting Julio Echavarria at the Officials Department. echavarria@usta.com

If you have any suggestions or comments about the test, please contact the Officials Dept.,  USTA, 70 West Red Oak Lane, White Plains,  NY,  10604