Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
Critical Care Programs
Emergency Services Educational Building
24 Canoe Lane
Asheville NC, 28804

Fall 2017 
                   CCEMTP Course
                   October 16th through November 2nd, 2017
                         Classes Held Monday Through Saturday Each Week    
                      Course Application / Registration Form   

NOTE: Classes are held Monday through Saturday, however the Coordinator reserves the right to add Sunday classes in the event of unforseen circumstances affecting the regular schedule.




Welcome to the Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College CCEMTPsm Appplication / Registration Process!

This form is the process through which students apply and register for the CCEMTPsm (aka Adult Critical Care).


Before you proceed:

The Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College Department of Critical Care requres the following for admittance into it's CCEMTP Course. (Absolutely no exceptions to these requirements will be made)

          ** Minimum one year experience as an EMTP, RT, RN, PA, DO or MD.

          ** Current certification / licensure as EMTP, RT, RN, PA, DO or MD.

Scan and email a copy of your certification card or professional license with an expiration date that is valid beyond the final day of the CCEMTPsm  to

This process requires you to enter a variety of demographc information including credental numbers and expiriation dates. 

Once you have entered information into the fields below, you will click the "Submit" icon located at the bottom of the page. 

Please be aware if you have not submitted a copy of the required credential, with an expiration dates valid through the final day of the CCEMTPsm Course, you will not be registered for the



Students are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to purchase AND READ a copy of the Critical Care Transport Second Edition textbook from Jones & Bartlett Publishers (ISBN-13: 9781284040999). This textbook is Directly from the publisher (Jones & Bartlett)

Course Costs
 Fee Exempt Students
$150.00  UMBC Fee
$100.00  AB Tech Supply Fee
$250.00  Total cost for FEE EXEMPT students
Non-Fee Exempt Students**
$150.00  UMBC Fee
$180.00  Tuition for Non-Fee Exempt Students**
$100.00  AB Tech Supply Fee
$    5.00  Tech Fee
$435.00  Total for Non-Fee Exempt Students**
** Fee exemption in this context refers to North Carolina Community College Rules, which provide 
     tuition exemption for members of Non Profit North Carolina based Fire Departments, EMS Providers
     and Law Enforcement agencies. Please be aware, there have been revisions to the feee exemption 
     rules as they pertain to private "for profit" agencies. Personnel employed by or affiliated with private
     "for profit" agencies no longer qualify for fee exemption. 
    Also, fee exemption does not apply to the $150 UMBC Fee or the $100 AB Tech Supply Fee, which all    
    attendees are required to pay. 
    Finally, course costs also do not include the cost of the recommended supporting text book, which is the    
    Jones and Bartlett Critical Care Transport Book. This book is available through the AB Tech Book Store, the
    publisher or via Amazon, who normally offers substantial savings on it. 

Applicants are required to provide a minimum of one valid telephone number.

Required Credential Information

Formatted Text