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Alternative Format Services

Media Center/Arizona Instructional Resource Center
1235 E. Harmont Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85020
Phone:602.678.5810 or 5816 Fax:602.678.5811
Please fill out one Alternative Format Services Request form per book per student. For Braille/large print/e-file requests, we require a hard copy of the print textbook/book. Please Note: Books must be scanned for production, so it will be cut. 
Renewal of a Book

Textbook/Rec Book Infomation

Braille Production Preferences

Pagination: Because you selected Math or Science as the subject matter, we require this material to be Single Sided only.

Large Print Production Preferences

E-File/E-books Production Preferences

Delivery Preference

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Foundation for Blind Children / AIRC Terms and Conditions

 By checking "I Agree", you certify that the student for which services have been requested is blind or has a visual impairment that prevents him/her from using standard printed or non-printed instructional material. You certify that the so named student is registered with AIRC for the current school year. The student will be reading the requested files with accessible devices. This also certifies that the printed instructional material is solely for use by the so named student in connection with a course in which he or she is enrolled. No other person is entitled to the electronic file requested. It is prohibited to make any copies. When use is completed by student, files must be deleted/removed from all data storage devices. As required by the copyright law, the student’s school/school district/LEA has purchased a print copy of the instructional material for the course in which the student is enrolled.

As recipient of this electronic file you certify that the student for whose use this file is intended is aware of the copyright contingencies stated above.
Lastly, by chicking "I Agree" you are granting FBC and AIRC to electronically generate a copyright agreement and NIMAS Request form on your behalf.  If need a copy of these forms that are generated, please contact AIRC with the contact information at the top of this page.