2017 ACS Heroes of Chemistry Nomination Form

Please complete this form to nominate an individual or team of individuals for the 2017 ACS Heroes of Chemistry awards. Should you have difficulty completing the nomination or if you have any questions please contact us at chemhero@acs.org at any time for assistance.

Nominator Information

Communications/Public Relations Officer
Please provide a primary contact for all communications/public relations related matters. If your company is selected as a winner, this individual would serve as a liaison between the company and ACS, assisting with items such as coordinating press releases and press conferences, obtaining corporate collateral (i.e. pictures, logos, B-roll, etc.) and general communication to all necessary parties.

Nomination Package
As part of the completed nomination package, the following will need to be uploaded in the appropriate fields below:
  • A descriptive summary (max. two pages) addressing the product’s commercial use, its benefit to humanity, chemistry's central role, and the involvement of the nominee(s) in developing and commercializing the product(s)
  • A financial summary detailing the market success and economic impact of the nominated product(s)
  • A completed Nominee Contact Form, including all appropriate team members' information

  • A short biography or résumé/CV for each nominee (combined as a single file for a team of nominees; max. two pages per nominee)

  • Any supporting materials (i.e. brochures, articles, press releases, etc. combined as a single file) that speak to the impact of the product(s) are highly encouraged