GNCC is excited to announce the Parts Unlimited Dealer Challenge Program for the 2012 Can-Am GNCC Series season. The Dealer Challenge is designed to reward local dealerships for helping GNCC Racers achieve their goal of competing in a national race series, while also giving racers an opportunity to present a benefit package to their local dealership when seeking sponsorship for the upcoming season.

Once you sign up a team of four racers—including ATV, bike and UTV—your team will be entered into the GNCC results database, where points will be tracked according to how each rider finishes in his/her respective class in the best nine of thirteen GNCC rounds. Team results will also appear on the GNCC Results Page on the website, and will be featured in the race report after each event, highlighting the winning team and race results.  

The best part about it? There’s absolutely NO fee to sign up! The purpose of the Dealer Challenge is to encourage local dealerships to become more involved in amateur racing, as GNCC recognizes the importance of grassroots in our sport. The team with the most points at the end of the season wins, and the winning dealership will receive a trip for (2) to Las Vegas for the 2013 Parts Unlimited Dealer Show and VIP access to the Vegas SX, including three nights in a hotel and round trip flights. This is in addition to the variety of advertisement opportunities on both GNCC and Racer X’s online and print assets. If you didn’t get the chance to make a team for 2012, better start planning for the 2013 season now!


                                                                                                                                                                                    Revised 3.25.12

Team Qualification:

  • Team must be an authorized motorcycle/ATV and/or accessory dealership.
  • Dealership must provide discounts or other rider support.
  • There is no fee to enter a team.

Team Members:

  • Each team can have up to 4 racers.
  • Riders may only participate on one team.
  • Teams are permitted one (1) substitute rider per season based upon documented injury, hardship or unforeseen circumstance that would prevent a team member from further competition in the foreseeable future, so long as the substitution is made within the first 7 rounds of the series.  Rider performance shall not constitute an approved hardship or unforeseen circumstance.  Substitutions will be permanent for the remainder of the season and are not retroactive.  Substitutions will be approved on a case-by-case basis in the sole discretion of GNCC Racing.
  • Factory-supported riders are excluded.
  • Dealership can have more than one team.
  • Team can consist of bikes and/or ATV racers.
  • Team will earn points based on the team members class finishes.
  • Points will be earned per team member in all classes as follows:


1st - 20 pts. 11th - 10 pts.
2nd - 19 pts. 12th - 9 pts.
3rd - 18 pts. 13th - 8 pts.
4th - 17 pts. 14th -7 pts.
5th - 16 pts. 15th - 6pts.
6th - 15 pts. 16th - 5pts.
7th - 14 pts. 17th - 4 pts.
8th - 13 pts. 18th - 3 pts.
9th - 12 pts. 19th - 2 pts.
10th - 11 pts. 20th - 1 pt.


  • Rewards Package:Team points will be maintained on the GNCC results page as a separate class.
  • Dealer Challenge standings will be included in all Race Reports.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the season will win.
  • Points will be earned in a minimum of 9 events, with as many as 11 counting.
  • The winning dealership will receive a trip for (2) to Las Vegas for the 2013 Parts Unlimited Dealer Show and VIP access to the Vegas SX. Trip includes 3-night hotel stay and round trip flights, plus...
  • Banner ads on the GNCC full-page, full-color ad in Racer X.
  • Button on the GNCC homepage with a direct link to the dealer’s website.
  • The names of the winning dealer and team members will be added to a traveling trophy to be displayed at the winning dealership for one year. The name of the trophy will be “The GNCC Dealer Challenge Cup”.
  • The winning team members will each receive a season credential good for gate entry for the 2013 racing season.







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