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What we do . . .

Standard & Customized Document Preparation To Slow Down the Eviction Process.
If you are looking for a standard form or a customized form solution for your Eviction Case, we may be able to help. Since 2008, we've been providing the necessary forms/documentation to help tenants and homeowners maximize the time they have in their home or apartment during the eviction process.
1. We will produce standard format or customized forms for filing in your Case.
2. We will e-file those forms for you in most courts. 
3. When we e-file, you will be listed as a pro-se defendant. (you are representing yourself)
4. We will notify you when your documents or forms are accepted or declined by the Court.
5. We will forward you a link to track your case online (if available from your Court).  
6. We do provide you with a Customer Support Text Service hotline.

Okay, now that we've got the legal jargon out of the way.

Here's a Typical Eviction Calendar
Step 1 - Landlord warns you (sometimes) that you are about to be evicted.
Step 2 - Landlord posts a 3-day, 5-day, 30-day notice that they are going to evict you.
Step 3 - Landlord files a Lawful Detainer lawsuit in the Justice Court
Step 4 - The Constable pays you a visit to deliver a Citation to show up in Justice Court
Step 5 - You have a Court Hearing in Justice Court
Step 6 - If you lose that hearing, you will be given 5 days to move out
Step 7 - You have the option to A. Do nothing B. File an Appeal C. Work something out with your landlord
Step 8 - Appeal
Step 9 - Pay one month's rent into the Court Registry
Step 10 - File an Answer to the County Court.
Step 11 - You will get a letter from County Court giving you a new court date.
Step 12 - County Court Hearing.
Step 13 - Judge will give 5-10 days to vacate.

Forms Available to Slow Down Your Eviction

The following forms are available to help you slow down the eviction process.  If you are unsure which forms might be applicable to your situation, please text us at 832-974-1995. Please include your name, what county, and your case#. In addition include a brief description of where you are in the eviction process.
Select the forms you think you will need. CLICK "UNSURE? CLICK HERE FOR ALL FORMS" if unknown. *


All Forms valid for six (6) months
from date of purchase.
includes e-filing where available.
$250/flat fee
All Forms (up to two (2) revisions)
must have Single Case Number
and be the Same Parties
Please put your name and case number if you have one into the comment section when sending via CashApp. 
*We are not responsible for you sending the payment to the wrong CashApp.*