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Award Categories:

Director of the Year
Candidates for this award will have demonstrated unmatched leadership of their community, resulting in happy residents, gratified team members, exemplary quality standards, and overall community success.

Nurse of the Year
To be considered for this recognition, candidates should be leaders in their field; training incredible caregivers, consistently achieving top quality assurance scores, and collaborating seamlessly within all departments.
Sales Person of the Year
For this category, candidates will have consistently achieved timely response during the initial inquiry process, hospitality while touring, and seamless communication through move-in. This person builds occupancy through genuine relationships.
Community Team Member of the Year
Any community team member (excluding Directors, Nurses, or Sales People) can be nominated for this award based on their superior responsiveness, spirit of service, and dedication to making their program the premier choice for seniors, their families, and job seekers.
Jaybird Corporate Team Member of the Year
Nominate a Jaybird Senior Living corporate team member who has provided invaluable training, resources and/or assistance in helping employees, communities or residents meet their personal/professional goals. This individual should live the Red Carpet philosophy.
Dare to Dream of the Year
This award will be given to the community whose efforts to make a resident’s dream come true most profoundly embodies the spirit of the Dare to Dream Program. The dream should be a unique and priceless experience that truly and positively impacted the resident.
Innovation Award
The candidate bestowed this award will have introduced a new resource, program, or approach that has substantially benefitted the company and/or our residents.
Community Impact Award
For nominees in this award category, Red Carpet Service extends outside his/her property. This award will be given to an individual who has made a positive impact on society through his/her own volunteerism and philanthropic efforts.

Nominations are due by Sunday, December 18th, and winners will be announced in the January 2023 issue of The Nest. For more information, please reach out to
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