Welcome to the Affinity Management Services online Questionnaire Request Form. This form was created to provide you with a fast and convenient method to submit your requests. On this form, you will have the opportunity to enter all of the information needed and submit your payment to successfully request the necessary documents you need.
For your reference here's a brief outline of the process:
     1. Online form is filled out by the person requesting the document(s). Upload the questionnaire you
         need for us to complete.
     2. An email with a reference number will be sent confirming successful submission.
     3. The request will be reviewed by our office staff and a quote will be prepared and emailed to you.   
         Once you provide payment the order will be processed.
     4. The request will be placed in our queue for processing.

     5. An email will be sent to the requestor containing all of the requested documents on the due date 
         we provide at the time the request is made.
Please note that calling or emailing us for status updates negatively impacts our ability to process these requests within the alloted time. We commit to communicating to you as often as needed to keep you informed of the progress but ask that you refrain from contacting our office to inquire on the request before the date it is due.
Immediately after closing submit completed HUD1 Closing Statement, Deed, and copy of disbursed check to:
Thank you!
Transfers Department
Affinity Management Services