If you have found any discrepancies with your unit owner account statement, please complete this form and provide your supporting documentation.
Before you begin please make sure you have the applicable supporting documentation. These will vary depending on your situation but you will not be able to submit this form unless they are provided.
          - Copies of the front and back of your check
          - Bank statement showing ACH Withdrawl
          - Credit card statement showing withdraw
          - Copy of property title or deed
          - Closing documents proving sale of the property

Once submitted, we will immediately provide you with a reference number and confirmation via email that your request was recieved. We will then review your request and respond letting you know if we have the information we need to proceed. If we don't we will request it at that time. When everything is completed correctly your dispute will be processed within 15 days.
Please rest assured that during this time your account will be placed on hold so no further action will be taken.
Thank you!
Accounts Receiveables Department
Affinity Management Services
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