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Expression of Interest Procedure

To apply for a grant from the Appalachian Stewardship Foundation (ASF), please follow the instructions below for submitting an Expression of Interest through ASF’s online application form. Please review ASF’s full grant policy at before submitting your expression of interest.

Expression of Interest (Pre-Proposal) Procedure

Before the Board approves submission of a full grant application, you must provide the Board with an Expression of Interest. Please fill out this form and submit it through our online grant application.

By filling out this form, you agree that, to the best of your knowledge, all information submitted is correct and does not violate any state or federal laws, or ASF’s by-laws or grant policy.

Please review ASF’s Terms of Site Use and Privacy Policy before submitting your Expression of Interest. ASF will handle all personal data in accordance with the ASF Privacy Policy. ASF also uses Formsite to handle certain data processing services for grant applications, and Formsite’s terms and conditions and privacy policy control how Formsite handles personal information. By submitting this Expression of Interest form, you consent to ASF’s Terms of Site Use and Privacy Policy, including policies governing third-party services with Formsite. 

Among other things, please provide the following information for the Expression of Interest:

  • A description of your organization, its history, mission and goals;
  • Any connection to ASF, Trout Unlimited, National Parks Conservation Association, Sierra Club or Longview Power;
  • A description of the proposed project or use of funds, location of impact of project, and how the use of funds relates to ASF’s mission;
  • Amount of funding requested;
  • Preferred timing of funds;
  • Enter "N/A" or "none" if question is not applicable.

ASF will review this information to determine, among other things, whether your proposed activity aligns with ASF’s mission and goals, and whether funding amounts are consistent with available funds. ASF will respond within 45 working days of the expression of interest deadline to either decline to move forward or to request a full grant application.

If you receive a request from the Board for a full application, you will be given a password to login to our web form and complete the ASF online grant application.


A) Applicant Contact Information

Lines with * must be filled in

Organization Address if different from above

Is organization a 501(c)(3)? *

B) Organization & Project Information

B1. Any affiliation between organization or proposed project and Trout Unlimited, Sierra Club, National Parks Conservation Association,
Longview Power and/or AMD Reclamation? If Yes, please explain.
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