2022 CSA Member Registration

What is this program?

What is a CSA?

A CSA, or community supported agriculture, is a way for small family farms to market their products directly to the consumer. Without going through a middleman—i.e., processors, grocers, wholesalers—we can offer you the freshest, highest quality produce available. 

Although we cannot control the weather and some items may not always be as abundant, other produce will take its place to ensure that your basket will always be full. Unlike most CSA program we allow our members to have a somewhat customizable basket of produce. We will work with our members each week to make sure they get produce they can use!

Members receive one basket of fresh, seasonal produce each week, from June — October.

Why should I join?

Joining a CSA offers many benefits:

  • Fresh, high-quality produce that is healthy for you
  • A sense of social responsibility and stewardship of the land
  • An opportunity for dialog between farmers and consumers
  • Biodiversity of a given area, and the diversity of agriculture, through the preservation of small farms producing a wide variety of crops
  • It puts “the farmer’s face on food” and increases understanding of how, where, and by whom our food is grown

A shared commitment

When you sign up, you dedicate yourself to being our customer for the year, providing a more secure and stable market. We, in turn, dedicate ourselves to being your farmer, providing you with a varied, nutritious diet.


*This is a pick up program only. This is not the delivery program. You may interchange what market to pick up at. 

Getting to Know Us

We are proud to be fifth and sixth generation Fusilier's farming this great land. Mike and Kathy, manage the home farm with the help of their four children and their spouses. The home farm is 220 acres at the edge of the Irish Hills in Manchester, Michigan. 

Most of our farm is devoted and planted with our highest quality of produce that we proudly offer to you. Also, we have a large selection of flowers available for you to choose from! We have several ways that we provide you with produce and flowers. We attend several markets, have two stores open daily, and offer a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program to you.

We are very excited about the recent opportunities in providing fresh produce to a growing number of people. We attend several markets a week and we hope to see you at one of them!

You could say we are busy, but there is nothing that would make us happier than to serve you the best produce. We are proud to be farmers and we hope to let you get to know us and our farm better. To see the whole list of markets we attend go to our main website for more information! 

Those that are immediately involved today are:
Mike and Kathy (Founders)
Travis and Melissa Fusilier
Chad and Katlin Fusilier

2022 Fusilier Farm CSA Registration

Select the option that pertains to the time of registration and method of payment. Credit cards payments are charged $10 extra. Credit card transactions are not immediately charged. 

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