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Welcome to our farm! We want to thank you for your interest in our membership programs. Fusilier Farms aims to provide the highest quality fresh, locally grown, produce to Southeast Michigan. We operate farmstands in Chelsea & Manchester as well as attend many local farmer's markets. Additionally we have developed two membership programs to help make delicious, seasonal produce more accessible for everyone.
The first program is our weekly home/business delivery program. Each week you will place a custom order off an ever-changing seasonal menu and we will deliver it to your door! 
The second is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program in which you pay upfront for the season and you regularly visit one of our locations (farm stand/market or farmers' markets) and pick up a basket of produce. 
Below you will find a brief description of each program. We know everyone has different lifestyles and we offer options to help fit fresh, local produce into anybody's schedule. For more detailed information and the registration forms you can follow the links in each section.
Thank You Again & Have a Wonderful Day!
The Team at Fusilier Family Farms

Produce Home Delivery

Our Produce Home Delivery program was developed to bring seasonally fresh produce to members who were otherwise unable to access local fruits and vegetables. We know Farmer's Markets are not convenient for everyone and sometimes doorstep delivery is just a little breath of fresh air. 
The home delivery program tentatively starts the first week of June and runs through November. Each week there will be an order form of seasonally available produce. You select only the items you want each week and are billed accordingly. Aside from fresh fruits and vegetables we offer a wide selection of jarred items, freezer beef, fresh Zingerman's Bakery items, local honey & syrup, and more. Your order forms will be available at the same time every week and open for a few days, then we process the orders, package your box and deliver it to your doorstep on the same day each week. This program has a $40 registration fee (this covers the cost of delivery for the duration of the season) and we do require a $15 order minimum.  There will be no delivery fees or other additional charges through the season.
Registration for the Home Delivery Program has been closed for the 2022 Season, please reach out to the contact below for any questions. Thank You!
Home Delivery:
Phone: 734-645-2348
Email: delivery@fusilierfamilyfarms.com

CSA: Community Supported Agriculture (Farm Share)

What does a Fusilier CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program look like?

Our CSA is a bit different than others you may have experienced. When you join our CSA Family, you are grabbing the opportunity to eat fresh, support local, and create a relationship with us, your farmer! The program runs from June until the end of October. A weekly pickup would include a selection of fruits and vegetables that are in season. This is where we are a bit different. We don’t just give you a basket and wish you a good day. It is a customizable basket! We give you choices. You are never forced to take an item. But we can give you awesome recipe ideas if you’ve never had a certain vegetable or fruit. You get to pick what you eat and enjoy! To recap: A weekly visit to us will fill your basket with fruits and vegetables, fill your desire to support local businesses, and establish a relationship with your farmer!

For the registration form and more information please Click here.
Phone: 734-428-8982
Email: fusilierfarms@gmail.com

In order to regsiter, you must go to one of the forms listed above. Do not procced by pressing "Submit"
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