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Membership Status

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Space Request

To assist with your choice of space please refer to the Exhibitor Guide and the Event Map
Please note Section C is for Food and Drink vendors only.
Please Note:
- Prices include OHS levy and GST
- Additional 20% for non-BIA members
- Precise placement within chosen area will be subject to overall event plan

A. Boats on the Marina:
1st Boat- $2,250 / 2nd Boat $2,150 / 3rd Boat $2,050
ach subsequent boat decreases by $100 with the minimum pricing capped at $1,050
Please refer to the Event Site Plan for Berth lengths (8m, 12m & 15m). 
 Marina Site Number/sNumber of BoatsTotal Cost $
B. Waterfront On Land Displays - cost per square metre
- Sites 100sqm+ $60 per sqm
- Sites <100sqm $85 per sqm

 Site Number/sTotal Display Space (sqm)Cost per SqmTotal Cost $
Waterfront on Land
TOTAL COST: Waterfront on Land & Marina
Waterfront on Land
20% Deposit
C. Food and Drink Traders ONLY
 Food TruckFood TrailerMarqueeOther
Type of Equipment
Waterfront Dining Area - $85 per square metre (inc GST & OHS levy)
 Front Length (m)Depth (m)Total Space (sqm)Total Cost $20% Deposit $
Waterfront Dining
I confirm all power leads to be used for the Melbourne Boat Show 2022 will be tagged and tested.


For marketing purposes, please advise the categories (maximum of 3 categories) you would like to be listed in. If your company does not fit into one of these categories, please specify in “Other”. *

Payment Method

To secure your site at the 2023 Melbourne Boat Show, Docklands, a 20% deposit is required within 7 days of your site offer. Final payment is required by 13 September 2023.
1. Direct Debit (please email info@biavic.com.au your direct debit receipt)
PLEASE NOTE BIAV banking details have changed
Boating Industry Association Victoria (BIAV)
Macquarie Bank
BSB: 182512
A/C:  970701959
REFERENCE: Please include the invoice number and business name.
2. Credit Card
Please Note:
- MasterCard and Visa accepted only
- 2% surcharge applies to credit card payments
I require a tax invoice/receipt

Public Liability

The Organisers shall not under any circumstance take responsibility or liability whatsoever for damages to exhibits by loss, damage, theft, fire, water, storms, strikes, riots or any other cause whatsoever and it shall be a pre-condition of this Agreement that the Exhibitor arrange their own insurance of the exhibit to cover loss or damage by any of the abovementioned means. The exhibitor shall take out a Public Liability Policy with a reputable insurer that holds an Australian Financial Services License. This should be for an amount not less than $20,000,000 (twenty million dollars). The insurance must take affect from the first day of move in from Wednesday 25 October 2023 to Monday 30 October 2023. *


The above Company/Business/Organisation ("applicant") hereby applies to the Boating Industry Association of Victoria for pre-release exhibition space at the 2023 Melbourne Boat Show ("Show") at the Docklands, Melbourne.  The applicant acknowledges that they have read, undertood and agree to abide by the TERMS AND CONDITIONS required to exhibit at the Show.
In accordance with thse terms and conditions, exhibitors will pay all amounts as detailed under the payments section. The submission of a completed application form does not guarantee space at the Show and all space will be allocated at the discretion of the BIAV.
The application hereby agrees to (a) wholly indemnify the Organisers against all liabilities and claims in respect of any breach or alleged breach of any such requirements or regulations during the 2023 Melbourne Boat Show (b) to accept the location and dimensions of space allocated by BIA Victoria, (c) after applying for space, agrees not to cancel or apply for less area, and if the applicant does, it will forfeit any deposits paid and make no claim for refund or costs involved, and (d) once space is allocated, and once available and reviewed, the exhibitor will agree to comply with all the terms and conditions set down by the Boating Industry Association of Victoria in order to exhibit at the show.
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