Whatever your project or need may be, there’s a propane appliance ready to deliver comfort,
energy savings, and environmentally-friendly performance. Blue Star Gas offers rebates on installation
or replacement of select propane appliances.

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Propane Heater Rebate

Propane Furnace Rebate

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Propane Pool Heater Rebate

Program Terms & Conditions

We appreciate your vote of confidence in our ability to satisfy our customers. Through developing technologies and improved practices, we are transforming the industry standard for customer service.

1. BLUE STAR GAS reserves the right to verify equipment installed on the premises.

2. Your completed Appliance Rebate Form must be received by an authorized BLUE STAR GAS representative no longer than 120 days after appliance installation is completed.

3. This offer is available to BLUE STAR GAS “Keep Full” routed customers only.

4. Employees of BLUE STAR GAS are not eligible for this rebate program.

5. Rebate program participants must meet all BLUE STAR GAS volume, safety, and credit requirements.

6. Unless otherwise specified within, rebate customers must maintain ‘’Keep Full’’ routed delivery status with BLUE STAR GAS for a period of three (3) years. Any cancellation prior to the expiration of this three (3) year period may result in penalties not to exceed the total rebate amount received.

7. The maximum amount of the total rebate received by a customer is not to exceed $500.00 USD.

8. Appliances purchased from Blue Star Gas must be paid in full before rebate is awarded.

9. All rebate amounts will be applied as credit to the customer’s account.

10. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing.


For complete details of this offer, contact your local BLUE STAR GAS office.

I hereby request a rebate for the above listed work. I have read the terms and conditions above and agree to the conditions for participation in this program. I also agree to mail or email in a copy of my final invoice(s) to the address below without which my application cannot be processed. I understand that Blue Star Gas will make the final determination of any rebate that I will receive. The program is subject to change or cancelation without notice. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing.
I have read and agree to the terms and conditions. *
If you encounter problems with this form, please email the Marketing Department.