If you are a Routed "Keep Full" customer, your fuel inventory is monitored by our delivery team and
you will receive deliveries automatically as needed. You do not need to request a delivery.
If you are a "Will Call" customer, please fill out the following information and
we will contact you to confirm delivery date and amount.

Customer Information

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Delivery Request

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Please contact me to confirm the details of the above delivery request.
Remember, as a Will Call customer you are required to check the fuel in your tank and call us to request a fuel delivery. You must give us seven (7) working days notice when requesting a delivery. Our minimum delivery is 100 gallons for tanks with a capacity of 124 gallons or more. Should you run out of gas, it will be delivered on the next scheduled delivery day in that area. If an emergency call is required, a special delivery fee will be assessed. In addition, an out-of-gas call may result in a “restart” to the delivery system. This process includes shutting off all of the appliances, doing a leak check of the system and then re-lighting all the appliances. The cost for performing this “out-of-gas” procedure will be passed on to the customer.