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A StarSMART Service Plan is a tune-up for your appliance! Just as your automobile benefits from regular service, your gas appliances operate better and longer when professionally maintained.
A StarSMART Service Plan includes the routine maintenance many appliance manufacturers recommend. Plus, it provides a detailed check of your appliance and your gas system to ensure that both are operating at peak performance.

StarSMART Service Plan benefits include:
• Complete tune -up and professional cleaning of the gas-burning appliance.
• Thorough cleaning and inspection of internal working parts.
• Clean and check for damage or wear to component parts.
• Inspection and test of the appliance safety system.
• A complete leak test and flow check of your gas system.
• If warranted, make recommendations for repairs.
• Automatic annual renewal.
• Priority service.
• No overtime charges!
• Improved comfort.
• Reduced energy bills.
• Extended equipment life.
• Improved system efficiency.
• Fewer breakdowns.

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