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Camp Amnicon - Summer Staff Application

Come and join the adventure this summer!

Hello Prospective Staff Members!

Thank you for your interest in a staff position at Camp Amnicon this summer.

Camp Amnicon is an adventure-based Lutheran Outdoor Ministries camp located in Wisconsin at the mouth of the Amnicon River on Lake Superior - yep, the really big one. We focus on equiping our campers to get outside their comfort zones, participate in a caring Christian community, and ultimately to learn about and experience God's grace in the wilderness. Each week of the summer we embark on some of the most unique high adventure camping experiences in the country - from paddling Lake Superior in our 34-foot Voyageur canoes to hiking and canoeing through the enchanting forests and thrilling rapids of Wisconsin's rivers - from exciting wilderness challenges to deep conversations around a cozy campfire.

If you are chosen as a staff member, we will prepare you to do your best work in a wide variety of locations and circumstances, with a wide variety of people, and even in a wide variety of weather! You can expect to acquire a large collection of resume worthy skills, including: oral communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving, interpersonal and leadership skills, collaborative skills, and creativity. 

We hire a small staff and positions fill quickly, so please don't delay your application. In order to be considered for a staff position, you will need to complete the following steps. Here's what to do:

1. APPLICATION - Complete the following application and submit it ASAP

2. TWO REFERENCE FORMS -  Send a link to the reference form to at least two people who know your abilities as they relate to the position you are applying for (employers, your pastor, your advisor, teachers, etc.)  Please make them aware that we cannot complete your application process until we have received their completed reference forms.  Don't let this slow you down--make sure you check in with your references often!

3. INTERVIEW - A personal interview is required. This can be accomplished at the various camp fairs hosted at colleges in the midwest region. You can find a schedule of Lutheran Outdoor Ministry camp fairs here. Whether we've contacted you about an interview or not, you can always stop by our booth at a camp fair. We'd love to meet you! Personal interviews are preferred, but if you are unable to interveiw in person we will set up a video conference interview instead. Don't let distance keep you from applyinig and interviewing!

We will begin offering positions in February, and we try to fill them as soon as we can.  We continue processing applications until all positions are filled, so please call us if you are wondering about the status of your application. We understand your desire to solidify your summer plans, and we will work with you if you have any time-constraints during the application process.

Please return your application as soon as possible so we can consider you for a position on Camp Amnicon's Summer Staff. This is the first step, not the last, so take a chance, take a look, and see what exciting adventures might be in store for you at Camp Amnicon.



Brad Damon, Associate Director


Questions?  Contact us!
Brad Damon, Associate Director at Brad.Damon@Amnicon.Org or 715-364-2602