Camp Amnicon

Wilderness Adventure Individual Registration Form

All Amnicon adventures include:
●Competent and dedicated staff
-Certified in lifeguarding, CPR, and wilderness first aid
-Excited about outdoor ministry 
●A commitment to safety
-50 years of experience in wilderness programming
-American Camping Association accredited 
●Everything that you need
-Food, Equipment, Staff, and Programing
-You bring personal items and sleeping bag (loaners available)


Join one of our open-enroll wilderness adventures!
Trip Type: *
Does the trip participant have any medical concerns we should know about before the trip? Please note, while many medical conditions can be easily managed on trail, trip participants are sometimes several hours away from advanced medical care. If you have any questions about how or whether your/your child's medical condition can be managed in a wilderness context, please contact Associate Director Hannah Damon (, 715-364-2602). 
Fee Scale:  We are introducing tiered pricing this year! The full price of one of our trips is $900 because that's about how much it costs us to send a camper on a trip for a week. These are high-quality, life-changing wilderness experiences that are well worth the full price! That being said, we never want money to be the reason why someone wouldn't able to come to camp. If you are able to pay the full price, please do. That will help us spread our camper scholarships further so that more people will get to experience what we have to offer. If $900 is too much, we also offer a Standard Subsidy rate of $450/person. If $450 is still too expensive, please don't hesitate to  let us know! We have additional camper scholarships available as well.
To reserve your spot, we need to receive half of the overall price. If you choose the full $900 rate, then $450 is due now. If you choose the $450 Standard Subsidy rate, then $225 is due now. 
Rate: *
I understand that Amnicon and property and equipment thereon is the property of the Amnicon Foundation and that the above mentioned individual shall be held responsible for damages resulting from the abuse of camp property and equipment. I also understand that Amnicon's rules and policies must be followed while this individual is participating in any of the camp programs. Camp Amnicon reserves the right to make changes to your group's route, in response to weather and/or group safety. *
Questions can be directed to Hannah Damon, Associate Director, at 715-364-2602 or Hannah.Damon@Amnicon.Org