Wilderness Adventure Group Registration Form

Strong Communities & Profound Faith Experiences in the Wilderness
This form is intended to create a wilderness trip for a group of people coming to Amnicon together. Once we have received this completed form and the deposit, we will email the group leader with a separate registration form & registration code for individual trip participants to sign up as members of your group.
If you would like to register as an individual trip participant, please go to www.amnicon.org/sign-up and follow the link to register as an individual.  
Our 2021 Summer Adventures Season runs June 20th to August 13th!
Ask about fall and winter tripping opportunites, too!
Trip Type: *
Trip Dates: 
You must receive confirmation from a Camp Amnicon director regarding your dates BEFORE registering. 

Group Size:
Please refer to or website, promotional materials, or Directors if you have questions about how many people can come on your trip, or what age is appropriate for the type of trip you wish to do. 

I understand that Amnicon and property and equipment thereon is the property of the Amnicon Foundation and that the above mentioned group/individual shall be held responsible for damages resulting from the abuse of camp property and equipment. I also understand that Amnicon's rules and policies must be followed while this group/individual is participating in any of the camp programs. Camp Amnicon reserves the right to make changes to your group's route, in response to weather and/or group safety. *
Initial Deposit: *
Please note- Deposits are non-refundable. 
The intial deposit is $1500 regardless of dates, trip type, or group size.