Pet Shipping Contract

Estimates are based on the original services requested. Any additional services requested or required will be at an additional expense. PLEASE NOTE: The following circumstance may result in increased costs: (A) Additional days of boarding, requested for the owner's convenience or as a result of airline embargo due to weather restrictions or incompatible cargo (B) Inadequate documentation at pick up time may result in additional boarding costs plus costs of obtaining documents (C) Unacceptable owner provided flight carrier (D) Any veterinary medical attention deemed necessary by Pet Chauffeur personnel.
All services must be paid in full prior to the scheduled transport. Pet Chauffeur accepts payment in the form of; credit card, debit card, or a certified check. If you would like to pay in cash, Pet Chauffeur must receive the cash payment in full two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled transport. PLEASE NOTE: The Consultation fee is non-refundable and will be charged upon acceptance and signature of this proposal. The consultation fee for domestic flights is $100, and the consultation fee for international flights is $200. If the individual accepts and schedules the transport, the consultation fee will be applied towards the final total. However, if no transport results from the consultation, no refund will be issued. The consoltation fee is non-refundable.
Pet Chauffeur takes many details into consideration when planning your pet's transport, however unforeseen circumstances may arise that are beyond our control. Pet Chauffeur is responsible for your animal until Pet Chauffeur checks in the animal at the airport. Once the animal is in the hands of the airport, it is out of our control and we assume no responsibility. Pet Chauffeur is not responsible for unforeseen circumstances that occur at the airport or boarding kennels. We reserve the right to seek veterinary attention with our choice of veterinarian. We reserve the right to decide on the extent of medical services, the extent of these services is left to the discretion of the Pet Chauffeur personnel. Any veterinary service needed will be at the owner's expense, regardless of its nature. We reserve these rights on both arriving and departing transports. We do guarantee to handle your pet(s) in a professional manner and to make them feel as safe and comfortable as we possibly can. 
These prices, specifications, and conditions are satisfactory. This propsal is hereby accepted.
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