If you are unable to complete your course by the end date stated on your Offer Letter or Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) you should complete and submit this form at least one trimester prior to your end date.
Please note that you will be notified of the outcome within 5 working days from the date of submission.

Application for a course extension may only be approved on the following grounds:
 a) As a consequence of compelling or compassionate circumstances which have delayed progress. In the case of compassionate circumstances, documentation to support the request, such as medical certificates, should be provided;
b) As a consequence of an intervention strategy implemented for students having difficulties in their course;
c) As a result of failure in occasional units which did not place you in a position of unsatisfactory progress.
Course extension is usually only granted for a maximum of 2 additional trimesters.
You should refer to the Student Progression and Exclusion Policy and associated Procedure for details on the maximum duration permitted.
If you fail to complete course requirements within the specified time limit (including any extension of time granted) you will have your enrolment terminated. 
Please contact Student Services ( if you have any further queries regarding this application form.


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I declare that the information provided by me is accurate and complete. By signing this form, I declare that I understand the conditions stated on this form and as specified in the Student Progression and Exclusion Policy and associated Procedure.
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