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Choose your booth space: 10x10 General Vendors - 25'w x 12'd Food Vendors

Payment must be made at the time of application and can only be paid online. You do NOT need a personal Paypal account to use our PayPal portal. When you get to the payment page, scroll down to choose "pay by credit card." We cannot accept VENMO payments at this time. Thank you.

Choose the Vendor Category that matches your business best *
All types of vendors are encouraged to apply to participate in The Parkville Carney Festival. We reserve the right to decline the application of a vendor for any reason. We reserve the right to limit the number of vendors in certain categories that may include jewelry, clothing, home services, or political candidates to ensure a wide variety of exhibitors. If payment is accepted then you are confirmed as a participant. If your application is not accepted, you will receive an email of explanation within 72 hours & your payment will be refunded, . On or about October 1st, you will receive a vendor space assignment with all necessary information for the festival.  Food vendors must have and display required permits.  Submission of your application acknowledges your acceptance and understanding of the requirements and restrictions for all vendors, as listed above, as well as acknowledgement of additional requirements stated below on this application. The Parkville Carney Festival will be held rain or shine, except in the case of extreme conditions. There is no rain date for this event. Once your application/payment is accepted there will be no refunds. 
Vendor Conditions & Guidelines for Participating in the Parkville Carney Festival
The following are additional rules and restrictions to which you are subject as a vendor at this event. You will receive another copy of these guidelines with your Vendor Space Assignmment. 
- This event is rain or shine.  This means that you are expected to arrive, prepared to set-up for the day during the 7:00am-9:30am times.  Please do not call, email or text to ask if the event will still be happening.  Weather in our area is very erratic and often not the same from one area to another.  Even in the event of bad weather during set up, no decision on closing the event will be made before 9:30am, so please just come to the site.  The lot is closed to traffic promptly at 9:30am and late arrivals will not be allowed in.  No shows are black-listed at future events managed by Picture This Multimedia Services.  No refunds or credits will be issued.
• You are required to provide a copy of a “certificate of insurance” for liability coverage and must add  Picture This Multimedia Services, 3 Galahad Court, Baltimore, MD 21237 AND the Archdiocese of Baltimore-320 Cathedral St, Baltimore, MD 21201 as additional insureds/certificate holders for this event. Generally, a call to your insurance company to add this information will not result in additional expense. Please have your insurance company mail the document to our event manager, Lynn Richardson at 3 Galahad Court, Baltimore MD 21237, or email it to: . Email is preferred.  If this is not received before October 1st, you will not be allowed to participate the day of the event. Crafters may submit our insurance waiver/indemnity agreement.  A link is found at the bottom of the website VENDOR page.  Food vendors must obtain and display required permits. This includes necessary 1-day "temporary" event permits issued by the Baltimore County Health Dept. for food vendors or edible samples. Baltimore County requirements can be found HERE.  If you are a registered cottage kitchen, please follow all Maryland State Guidelines.  If you have questions, concerns or problems fulfilling this requirement, please contact Lynn Richardson at 410-493-4984 or email
• Festival hours are 10am - 3pm on the parking lot of St. Ursula's Catholic Church, 8801 Harford Road. Vehicles WILL NOT be allowed back onto the fair area until 3PM-no exceptions.
• Booth area is space only. Tents, tables and chairs are not provided. We recommend Party Party at (410) 893-3321 for assistance with equipment rentals. A tent is highly recommended as vendor area is on an open lot and temperatures/sun exposure can be extreme. Vendor spaces are on a paved area and are unlikely to be completely level. . Vendors shall bring appropriate materials to secure tents in case of windy conditions (i.e, weights, bricks, sand buckets).
•Vendors will be allowed entrance into the festival area beginning at 7AM on the day of the event. Set-up must be completed by 9:30am. Vendors will be directed to their spaces by event staff, and are expected to unload their equipment and materials and IMMEDIATELY remove their vehicle from the area. A vendor captain will be on hand to supervise your space while you park your vehicle. Vendors will be directed to a designated parking area nearby across the street from the event. A shuttle will be available to transport you back to the event. 
• Security: Baltimore County Police will be present on the Festival Grounds throughout the day, but no additional security personnel is provided. 
• ONLY ONE EXHIBITOR/BUSINESS PER SPACE IS ALLOWED. There is no limit as to how many staff members you have at your booth space-but all staff/volunteers must be able to fit within your 10x10 space at any given time (this requirement generally applies to church groups, political clubs/candidates, schools)  Vendors may not move their assigned locations unless directed to do so by event staff. Anyone doing this will immediately lose the privilege of remaining at the festival as a vendor. ANY vendor who leaves before 3PM will likely be banned from future festivals.
• Material cannot be distributed outside of your assigned booth space.  
• Distribution of food or drink items, other than by food vendors is not allowed. Giveaway "snacks" are allowed.
Violations of any of these rules will result in revocation of vendor privileges and you will be asked to leave
the grounds. You are responsible for the clean-up of your space. A dumpster is available nearby, for your convenience. Vendors who leave debris or trash behind will be billed $100.00 and may be prohibited from future participation.
Please Sign Below that you have read and understand the guidelines and conditions presented: 
Read all the guidelines above carefully to be sure you see them all. Please sign here that you have read and accept our terms and guidelines. To sign use your mouse or trackpad on a desktop/laptop. Mobile users may use your finger to sign on the screen. * 🛈

If you hit continue and are not redirected to the payment page, please check to make sure that all required fields are completed. If you continue to have any issues, please contact us at 410-493-4984 during regular business hours or email: for assistance.