Metaverse Literacy Virtual Training and Hybrid Forum

Letter of Introduction

Dear Applicant, 

Thank you for your interest in the Metaverse Literacy Virtual Training and Hybrid Forum implemented by the Digital Communication Network Global and World Learning. The metaverse is here. 2021 has been a landmark year for the global blockchain, from cryptocurrency going mainstream to an influx of capital into Web 3.0. The new year can see rapid adoption across applications, built on blockchain and democratization of access.

Themes of the virtual training and the forum will include:

  1. Technological Evolution of the Internet. The introductory segment includes insights into the convergence of technologies that underpin Web 3.0 experiences, including core components of the decentralized web and how to achieve a more transparent, efficient, and connected Web 3.0.
  2. Industrial and Societal Transformation. The internet of today favors big, centralized organizations over the individual user. Conversely, decentralized, more autonomous infrastructures shift the needle toward a user-controlled environment and data sovereignty. This segment will address how Web 3.0 technologies are being leveraged, in industry and infrastructure, and their impact on our lives.
  3. Mitigating Threats. The realistic feeling of virtual reality-powered experience could be a dangerous weapon in the hands of malign actors and create new exploitation opportunities for the promoters of disinformation, cybercriminals intent on stealing wealth, personally identifiable information (PII), and intellectual property. This segment will cover threat mitigation in the new Internet frontier.
  4. Democratizing the Metaverse. Solid regulatory framework should result from increased public understanding and know-how, leading to Internet innovators, civil societies, media, and regulators debating policies that would maintain the safety of the Metaverse. This segment will explore ways to make the metaverse inclusive and responsive to the needs of communities.

This training is open to all who register. Those who participate in this virtual training will be considered to attend an in-person event (Location and Date TBA) based on a brief project proposal in connection to the training's themes. This program has been post-poned, but registrants will be informed as soon as the decision to resume the program is made. 

This virtual training session is implemented with support from the Global Leaders Division of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and U.S. Embassies. 

Please find the registration form below. The registration must be completed in English. Please email with any questions. 

We appreciate your interest in this project and look forward to working with you.

Vlad Spencer
Manager, Professional Exchange and Global Networks
World Learning’s Global Exchange Unit