Letter of Introduction



Tallinn, Estonia

July 23-25, 2024

Hosted by DCN Global and World Learning, the "Anatomy of Influence” forum unfolds in Tallinn, Estonia—a hub of the digital revolution. Dedicated to unraveling the complex layers of influence in our increasingly digital world, this event fosters a comprehensive understanding and strategic navigation of digital influence.

Exploring the profound impact of digital technology on communication and influence, the forum ignites conversations on the democratization of content creation and its global effects. It also promotes strategies that harness digital platforms for positive change.

Participants delve into the changing dynamics of influence, understanding and combating disinformation, and the role of influencers in shaping foreign policy and managing communication during crises.

DAY 1: The Landscape of Digital Influence: Navigating Through Complexity
Keynotes, panel discussions, and workshops delve into the transformative power of technology, analyzing influence across digital platforms and the democratization of content creation and dissemination.

DAY 2: Spreading Positive Impact
Focused discussions explore strategic approaches to disseminating constructive digital messaging, leveraging innovative technologies for inclusivity, and understanding the impact of influencers on public opinion and foreign policy.

The forum delivers insights into effective strategies for content dissemination and crisis management, aiming to shape a resilient digital world driven by informed influence and constructive communication.

Event Format

DCN’s hybrid events accommodate up to 60 in-person participants and are streamed and recorded. Informal networking opportunities are embedded within social activities. All activities are conducted in English.


Participants will be selected through an open application process based on expertise and interest in the listed topics. Special consideration is given to those who can contribute to and benefit from discussions. Up to 60 participants from Europe are invited.

Applicants from Civil Society, New Media, Academia, Technology Fields, Digital Creators and Influencers, and Journalists are encouraged, with expertise or interest in Digital Content Creation, Political or Social Campaigns, and Combating Disinformation. Preferred ages are 18 - 35, and conversational English proficiency is required.

Deadline for applications: June 14, 2024

More Info

Speakers are selected from recommended experts. Registered participants may also be invited to speak.

The forum organizers will arrange and cover economy-class flights, shared hotel accommodations for participants, single rooms for speakers, most meals, and social activities during the event. Obtaining visas to enter Estonia is the responsibility of participants.

The forum is organized by World Learning and Digital Communication Network Global with funding from the State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.