Love Around the World Seminar December 21, 2020 (Hawaii Date & Time)

You can join all of the meetings ( that is 12 hours with Chuck and Trainers from all over the world) for just $100 and $40 of that will be given to POV Charities. You may also pay by Paypal or Bank Wire Transfer if you do not have a credit card. Please email me at for account information. *
American Express

You will get 1/2 PoV Day if you join and might even be one of the video participants in the great finale which is free for everybody. The first 10 to sign in from each region will get a spot and after that we will have a lottery. We can host up to 100 Video participants.

Once payment is received you will be sent a Zoom link, and a DoodlePoll link. Please use the DoodlePoll link to confirm the sessions you will be attending. You will also have an option for translation.