Healing through Love - Seminars with Lency

Method of Payment: Tuition and translation fees (if requested) are due six weeks before the program. If we do not hear from you earlier, our office will process your balance due on the credit card you used at registration. IF YOU DO NOT MAKE PAYMENT IN FULL AT LEAST FOUR WEEKS PRIOR TO THE EVENT WE MAY RELEASE YOUR SEAT AND HOLD YOUR DEPOSIT FOR A FUTURE EVENT (WITHIN ONE YEAR). *
American Express

Translation: Interpretation services are offered depending on the number of people requesting translation. There will be a fee for this service (based upon number of people requesting translation). *

Participants need to have at least 20 days of training in the POV model that must include 20 joining sessions and/or the recommendation of a Psychology of Vision Trainer in order to attend.
Prerequisites: *
If you have not completed the prerequisites or are unsure if you have completed the prerequisites, you may register and then add additional days and/or joining sessions to prepare for the Apprenticeship Program.  Please communicate with the trainer(s) in your area or email the Hawaii Office at Hawaii@chuckandlencyspezzano.com

If this is your first enrollment at a program, which local trainer did you contact to support your participation?  *
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Thank you for your registration