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The Small Business Digitization Initiative (SBDI) is a training program that connects youth and small businesses together to solve real employer digital adoption challenges. ICTC is training Ontario’s youth to help your business adopt technology to improve your internal operations and/or end products.  Starting January 2017, businesses like yours can benefit from this revolutionary technology adoption initiative.

Time is Money: Strategic Digital Adoption

Whether you are launching new services, fulfilling orders, improving performance, efficiency, and engagement or reacting to predictive intelligence, time is money. Your organization’s ability to innovate, compete, and respond to evolving market and consumer needs is increasingly determined by your technological capabilities and will determine your future success and survivability.

Automating Your Operations: Empowering Solutions

With a trained student participant on board, strategize and analyze your business practices to find innovative ways to increase efficiency by automating processes, augmenting productivity, and/or improving customer experiences; using technology to achieve these objectives.

Solve real digital challenges you are facing - from basic tech adoption to intelligent retail or advanced manufacturing implementation; adopt technology solutions that make sense to propel growth, access new markets, generate more revenue, and/or effectively respond to emerging markets.

Application Process

1. Complete your online application form.

2. ICTC staff will contact you within 2-3 business days to confirm your registration and walk you through the process.

3. If you successfully register for the program, you will receive a welcome package via email with detailed instructions.

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