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TADE, Talent Acquisition for the Digital Economy, is a program to help small and medium sized Alberta businesses (fewer than 500 employees) attract, hire and retain talent for digital roles. 
Please complete the form below to register your company. You'll gain access to a free Human Resources Toolkit, candidate assessment tools, workshops, and hosted virtual events to connect you with skilled digital skilled job seekers.
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Funding for ICTC's TADE program is provided by The Province of Alberta. Personal information provided in this application is collected under the authority of the Government of Canada's Privacy Act. This information is used by ICTC for the purposes of assessing eligibility, distributing a Human Resources Toolkit, providing communication for access to workshops, events, surveys to measure your satisfaction with these products and services, and reporting on the effectiveness of this program to its funder. If you have any questions about the collection of personal information by ICTC, please contact TADE@ictc-ctic.ca.
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For inquiries, please contact TADE@ictc-ctic.ca
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