Digital Talent Alliance Canada


To become a global digital leader, Canada must promote and encourage economic growth in the digital economy, create and foster jobs, enhance its innovation, and increase competiveness. A key component to our success is talent - it drives innovation, growth and competitiveness.

In March 2016, ICTC released Digital Talent: Road to 2020 And Beyond - A National Strategy to Develop Canada’s Talent in a Global Digital Economy highlighting a few key practical recommendations that position Canada’s digital talent as a comparative advantage in the increasingly global and rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Recognizing the importance of moving strategy into action, three national leadership taskforces, with leaders from industry, education, community partners, and government, have been formed to promote cross-nation collaboration and drive the development of measurable action plans that carve a path for Canada to leverage all talent sources in the digital economy and beyond.

The national leadership taskforces are: Industry Growth, Education and Skills, and Diversity and Inclusion.

Industry Growth Taskforce: focuses on three key priorities - attracting and retaining global digital talent; fostering digital entrepreneurship; and building labour mobility pathways to fill high demand occupations. Actions may include looking at best practices and policies for strengthening immigration processes as well as commercialization of R&D to enhance opportunities for business expansion, job growth, climate for entrepreneurship, innovation, and securing talent.

Education and Skills Taskforce: focuses on strengthening the current and future capacity of youth through education and skills pathways from K-12 into post-secondary and beyond; supporting workforce upskilling; strengthening all Canadians’ digital literacy and skills, and ensuring students (at the elementary, secondary, and post-secondary level) learn the requisite skills to be innovative employees and entrepreneurs.

Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce: focuses on leveraging Canada’s diverse talent and ensuring Canada has the skilled people needed to compete in the global digital economy and support growth and innovation.  This includes strategies for improving diversity and inclusion at all occupational levels and promoting inclusion of women, internationally educated professionals, Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities as well as other underrepresented groups in the digital economy.



As the taskforces initiate the goals and objectives to move talent strategies into action for Canada, broader collaboration, commitment and action are all increasingly paramount as we each have a role to play in securing Canada’s digital future. Industry, education, not-for-profits, associations and governments are all needed to help Canada innovate and prosper. With this in mind, and to complement the work of the national taskforces, we have created the National Digital Talent Alliance.

Together, we can work toward and realize an innovative, high-growth, diverse, competitive and highly skilled and talented digital Canada. Talent Alliance members will be engaged as key contributors and thought leaders, helping to foster change; present opportunities; share knowledge, skills and expertise; lead change; promote dialogue, and implement actions. 


Members will be asked to commit to at least one action and are encouraged to share their successes and lessons learned with the Alliance. Members may also be invited to participate in surveys, interviews, meetings, events, consultations, communications, and document reviews. We also welcome the opportunity for members to collaborate with us to convene action-oriented meetings, consultations, workshops, more in order to develop a meaningful partnership ecosystem. We welcome the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the efforts of Alliance members. By sharing and leveraging great initiatives that are already in motion we can understand and scale effective practices, achieving collective impact. 


The National Digital Talent Alliance welcomes members representing all levels of government, educational institutions, not-for-profit organizations and associations, and industry.

Value for Members

  • Be part of a connected, partnership-driven, action-focused mission for Canada
  • Opportunity to share and learn
  • Recognition as a member of the Alliance making a difference
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