ALTA Foundation START Program Grant for Title I High Schools


The ALTA Foundation was created by the Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association (ALTA) to promote health, character, sportsmanship and responsible citizenship utilizing the game of tennis to support the community.  The ALTA Foundation seeks to assist not only amateur athletes but programs for the disadvantaged and the physically and mentally challenged and to provide inner-city youth new opportunities for the future.   

In recognition of the additional resources needed in Title I high schools for tennis, the ALTA Foundation is expanding a program called START (Support for Teaching Atlanta Recreational Tennis) to provide funding for supplemental tennis needs in Atlanta Metro Area Title I high schools.  Funding requests may include the following:   

  • Fee for community coach certification for a GPTA or PTR coach (estimated $375)
  • Stipend for community coach (estimated $2,000)
  • Equipment needs (estimated $1,125)


All grants awarded to the designated school must be disbursed appropriately.   Further, at the end of the season, a report must be submitted indicating the impact the START Program grant has had on your school.   Please include the final number of athletes in your programs and the actual use of funds.

It is the responsibility of the School to secure a certified coach to work with them during the high school tennis season.    The ALTA Foundation can assist in locating a coach if the School is unable to locate one.    A certified coach should be secured as soon as possible so that the GHSA background check and classwork can be completed by the end of the calendar year.    The coach should be ready to work with the school in January during preseason and try-outs.    The Foundation expects the coach to be working with the athletes a minimum of twice a week.   Payments to the certified coach must come from the school and be allocated based on a percentage of completion.



GHSA Requirements:  

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