Welcome to the online form for the Juventus Academy Saint Louis AND Panathinaikos Volleyball Spring 2021 Trivia Night Fundraiser. 
Tickets can be purchased by submitting this form by no later than Thursday, April 8, 2021.   
>> One ticket gets someone admission in to the event, seating at a COVID safe table, and beverages (water, soda, beer, and wine).
>> Doors open at 6PM; Trivia starts at 7PM
>> This event will be on the futsal court with tables spread out to maxmize social distancing
>> Please review the complete breakdown of the event and all COVID safety measures that have been included throughout every part of the evening.
- There are 7 rounds of Trivia, each with a different theme ... all focused on Legends in Entertainment; the final round will have 3 parts
- Each table will turn in an answer sheet at the end of each round; there will be a prize for the winning table at the end of the event
- Mulligans will be available for purchase if you are stumped for an answer ... when you place your mulligan on the answer line, it is automatically marked as correct :)
Please keep in mind the following when completing the form:
PAPER TICKETS WILL NOT BE GIVEN.  Tables will be assigned based on feedback provided in your form.  Families will get their table # assignment upon arrival at the event.
All funds raised go directly to the Operating Budgets for Juventus Academy Saint Louis and PAO Volleyball.  These funds work together with the club fees to cover all club expenses and equipment.  They also allow us to offer specialized programs like work-2-play and Juventus Juventini and PAO Panathas.  This year, with additional expenses due to COVID, the cost to actually run the club is much greater.  These funds will also help to offset the increased COVID related expenses.
** Cost of the ticket includes water, soda, beer, and wine
** Outside food/drink is also allowed
** The full Olympia concession stand will also be open
If you have any questions regarding ticket sales, please contact:
Kathy Powers | Vice President 
Phone/Text: (314) 570-7857
E-Mail: admin@juventusacademystl.com
If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact:
Sue Dittmar | Fundraiser Chair
Phone/Text: (314) 401-4654
E-Mail: suek@thedittmars.com




  • EACH TABLE will have a COVID agreement form for the table that will need to be completed by everyone at the table.
  • The COVID agreement will include an acknowledgement that no one at the table:
    • Has displayed any symptoms associated with COVID19, including but not limited to a temperature of 100.4 or higher, a persistent cough (not allergy related), or any indications of not being well or healthy.
    • Has been DIRECTLY exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID19 within 14 days prior to the event.
  • The COVID agreement will also include an acknowledgement that if any of the instances noted below occur AFTER the event, but BEFORE Saturday, 4/17/2021, the impacted person agrees to notify BOTH the Juventus or PAO family who sold them the tickets (or purchased them on their behalf) AND Kathy Powers at KGI via a call/text at 314-570-7857 AND email at admin@juventusacademystl.com or kpopwers@paousa.com. This process will also be posted on the Juventus STL website at juventusacademystl.com and the PAO website at www.paousa.com for easy reference.  Here is the list of instances:
    • The attendee begins to experience COVID related symptoms
    • The attendee learns they were directly exposed to someone between 4/5-4/9 who has tested positive for COVID19.
    • The attendee is tested for COVID 19.
    • The attendee tests positive for COVID19.
  • The COVID agreement confirms everyone’s agreement to wear a face mask unless they are at their table.
  • The COVID agreement will require the table to list the following for each person at the table that will be used for contact tracings if needed:
    • Signature (excluding minors)
    • Printed Name (with age if it is a minor)
    • Cell Phone (Parent phone numbers should be used for minors; each adult should have their own phone number listed, and not use one phone number for multiple adults)
  • The COVID agreement confirms their understanding that KGI, Juventus Academy Saint Louis, and/or PAO Volleyball will utilize the contact information listed on the form for contact tracing purposes is needed.
  • The COVID agreement confirms their understanding that if Juventus STL PAO Volleyball or is advised of potential COVID notifications, KGI will review the details with the St Charles County Department of Public Health to determine the next steps.


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