Uganda Feed the Future Water and Food Systems Activity (FTF WFSA) - Project Driver

Project Background:

The USAID Uganda Feed the Future Water and Food Systems Activity (FTF WFSA) is a five year activity (2023-2028) that aims to inclusively and equitably improve food and water security in the Kyoga Basin in northeastern Uganda, specifically three watersheds – Lokok, Awoja, and Lokere, by empowering individuals and communities to mitigate and adapt to shocks and stressors in order to improve livelihoods, maintain nutrition and health wellbeing, address drivers of conflict, and reduce reliance on humanitarian assistance. This area is home to nomadic pastoralists whose livelihoods are at risk due to violent cattle raiding and the effects of climate change (drought and flooding). This part of Uganda also suffers from fragmented markets, chronic underinvestment in public services, and a lack of private sector investment. This Activity is aligned with the Water and Development II (WADI II) scope to access critical technical services in support of the U.S. Government’s Global Water Strategy, Global Food Security and Strategy Refresh, Agency Climate Strategy, and the President’s Emergency Plan for Adaptation and Resilience; and is a cornerstone of the USAID Uganda (2022) Country Development Cooperation Strategy Development Objective (DO) 2, Resilient Growth Enhanced. The activity aims therefore to achieve results under the following development objectives:    

  1. Improve water supply and integrated water resource management.   
  2. Increase equitable access to sanitation and hygiene services for households and schools.   
  3. Improved agriculture-based livelihoods.   
  4. Increased consumption of nutritious foods among women and children.   
  5. Expanded access to financial resources for women, men, youth, indigenous people, and marginalized groups.   
  6. Improve local capacity to manage shocks and stressors.     

FtF WFSA will enhance market systems, strengthen relevant institutions, expand access to climate-resilient services, and—in two of the most vulnerable of the 21 districts covered by the activity—employ “graduation” approaches to assist the ultra-poor. These initiatives will incorporate conflict sensitivity, local leadership, climate change adaptation, and approaches inclusive of women, youth, the elderly, persons with disabilities, and indigenous groups. 

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