Peace For Paws Ohio Adoption Application

Dog/Cat Ownership
For what reasons would you be willing to relinquish this pet? *

Please provide the names and telephone numbers of FOUR REFERENCES, including your veterinarian and, if applicable, your landlord or property manager. Other references could include a friend, neighbor, employer, relative, etc.

After submitting this application, please contact your veterinarian to let them know that they may release your pet's medical history to a Peace for Paws Ohio volunteer.

Due to the high volume of applications received, those without complete reference information as outlined above WILL NOT receive a response.

Landlord/Property manager
Personal Reference #1
Personal Reference #2
Please select what best fits the area you live in: *
Do you Own or Rent: *
Please note that your application will not be processed if any information is missing. You are also giving permission for us to verify the information you have supplied and to contact current and past veterinarians, if applicable. Filling out an application does not guarantee approval, and Peace for Paws Ohio reserves the right to deny any application at our discretion. It is our goal to place animals where we feel they would best thrive, not necessarily in the order the applications are received. We are an all-volunteer organization, so please allow seven to ten days for processing. If you have further questions about the status of your application after this time has passed, please feel free to contact us at 


Thank you for taking the time to complete this application.

 ***We will respond to applications by email within 3 days. It can take up to 10 days to process applications due to the nature of the organization. If you have not received a response in this time frame, please check your bulk folder and make sure the email address you provided is correct. You may also email us at to check the status of your application.****