2018 UPP National Pageant Application

Application Deadline: July 14, 2018
Gallery Photo Deadline: July 14, 2018
(must be JPG file, cropped to 8x10, file saved with contestant name)
Program Book Ad Deadline: July 14, 2018
Music Deadline: July 14, 2018 (mp3 file saved with contestant name and category)
FIRST 5 DEAL ($50 off + $100 free optionals)
Early Bird 1: Sept 1, 2017 ($50 off + $50 free optionals)

Early Bird 2: Dec 31, 2017 ($50 off if paid in full)
Early Bird 3: April 30, 2018 ($25 off if paid in full)
LATE ENTRY FEE: $25 per contestant (if paid AFTER July 14th, 2018)

Sibling/Family discount: $25 (parent/child/sibling in same household)
Referral discount: $10 when any NEW contestant who has never competed with us mentions you on their application and pays
RETURNING ROYALTY DISCOUNT: 2017 National Royalty has earned Returning Royalty discounts that can be used towards 2018 Nationals as long as $75 deposit is paid by Sept 10th 2017. Overall & Elite titleholders are eligible to compete for International titles. National Titleholders are encouraged but not required to attend 2017 Nationals/Internationals.
Appointed Queen Discounts end 60 days after title is received.
Discounts credited when $75 National deposit is received via PayPal
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/340669889679417/
Host Hotel
To be announced

WIN CASH!!! Don't forget how you can win CASH PAID ON STAGE!!!

Door Jackpots: 0-6 yrs, 7+ yrs (divided that way to give opportunity for good cash prize). We will have jackpots for all categories. $10 to enter each category. Winner gets 50% of money collected in their category / age breakdown!

Mega Jackpot: Overall high point in the entire pageant. $30 to enter. Winner gets 50% of entry fees for this contest. Must enter to win!

This is FREE to enter!!
You can be serious or funny about your performance. You can rather do a casualwear or formalwear walk. Winner is chosen by crowd participation. We will have some fun awards for participants. You do not have to pre-register!

Saturday we will also be playing some goofy teambuilding games! It is recommended that you wear your pageant t-shirt and shorts or pants instead of a formal gown or dress!

No fee to enter.
Girls create a tri-fold collage poster with pictures and details about how they spent their year as Personality Pageants royalty. These are the "science fair" type displays.
1) Posters must include the contestant's photo & first name.
2) Photos must only portray the contestant's appearances and experiences as Personality Pageants royalty (not endorsing other systems).
3) You must use a tri-fold poster board.
4) Posters must be able to stand on their own and can NOT be laid flat on the floor (safety hazard).
5) Absolutely no attaching or hanging posters to the walls.
6) No electrical parts are to be included unless they are battery operated. Electricity will not be provided for posters/presentations.
A winner will be picked to win a fun prize for meeting all judging criteria, creativity, and tidiness.

On Friday night we are going to do something fun! We are going to do a modeling showdown. We will have a 0-3, 4-9, 10-15, 16+ categories. It will be $10 to enter and there will be one winner in each category who will win 50% of the money in their age breakdown. Modeling will be done in our Royalty Reception outfit (in black, white, silver, or turquoise). Modeling will be done to upbeat music. It is a great chance to get some stage time before competition on Saturday! No pre-registration required. You can sign up the day of. You do not have to be competing in the pageant to enter. Winner chosen by crowd response so get your cheering section ready!

Souvenir Exchange
OPTIONAL. Girls are encouraged to bring small and inexpensive gifts to swap with their friends and sister queens at the party on Saturday. This has been a very popular tradition with the girls each year. Something simple like a snack, pencil, hair box, etc. with a note attached. THESE DO NOT HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE!!! Handmade gifts that are creative keepsakes are always a favorite! We ask that girls who wish to participate bring at least 10 small gifts to swap with their own age division. You do not turn these in at registration. You simply bring them to the party on Saturday.

We allow guests to bring in raffle baskets to donate for the auction. Contestants will receive tickets in exchange for the baskets. Min $10 value for the baskets. Tickets will be for sale all weekend for the baskets and winners will be drawn Sunday before crowning.

Drawn Sunday. Tickets will be for sale all weekend for the baskets and winners will be drawn Sunday before crowning.

Jackpot Queen
A sash & crown will be awarded to a winner. Tickets will be for sale all weekend for the baskets and winners will be drawn Sunday before crowning. You do not have to be a contestant to win.

People's Choice
$1 = 1 vote. The contestant with the most votes in her bag wins the sash, crown, and title (double crowned)

Tentative Schedule

11:00 pm Early Reg & Dressing Rooms Open
11:00 am Open Stage Practice
01:00 pm Choreography Workshop
(Workshop is not mandatory but highly recommended)
02:00 pm Closed-panel Interview & Projects (scheduled individually)
06:00 pm Talent
07:00 pm Model Showdown
07:30 pm Awards & Farewells
08:00 pm Royalty Reception
​(DRESS CODE: wear black, white, silver, or turquoise)
08:00 am Late Registration (CLOSES AT 9am)
09:00 am Formalwear (ages 0-6 yrs)
Immediately following: On-Stage Question (0-6 yrs)
10:00 am Casualwear (0-6 yrs)
10:45 am OOC
11:30 am Fun Fashion
(CONTESTANTS ONLY – parents of ages 3 and under only)
02:00 pm Intro & Formalwear (7+ yrs)
Immediately following: On-Stage Question (7+ yrs)
03:00 pm Casualwear (7+ yrs)
04:00 pm OOC (7+ yrs)
05:00 pm Fun Fashion
07:00 pm Pizza Party
07:30 pm Mom & Dad Pageant
08:00 pm Games & Souvenir swap

10:00 am Ballroom doors open
10:30 am Raffles & Door Prizes
11:00 am Crowning
Royalty Photos Immediately Following
(schedule subject to change)

Registration Information

Individual Competition Choices

Application Deadline: July 14, 2018
Gallery Photo Deadline: July 14, 2018 (must be cropped to 8x10 jpg format)
Program Book Ad Deadline: July 14, 2018
Music Deadline: July 14, 2018 (please label the file with name and category)
FIRST 5 DEAL ($50 off + $100 free optionals)
FIRST 10 DEAL ($50 off + $50 free optionals)
Early Bird 1: Aug 1, 2017 ($50 off + 1 free optional)
Early Bird 2: Dec 31, 2017 ($50 off if paid in full)
Early Bird 3: April 30, 2018 ($25 off if paid in full)
LATE ENTRY FEE: $25 per contestant (if paid AFTER June 10th, 2016)

Sibling/Family discount: $25 (parent/child/sibling in same household)
Referral discount: $10 when any NEW contestant who has never competed with us mentions you on their application and pays
Pageant Registration Options
Formalwear, Casualwear, Photogenic
plus: one adult admission pass
2 parties, one opening number shirt
One pair opening number shoes



I understand that I must send any music files for optional OOC or Talent ahead of time via email (PersonalityPageants@gmail.com). Files must be received in WAV or Mp3 format ONLY and MUST be received by the deadline. I UNDERSTAND THAT ABSOLUTELY NO MUSIC WILL BE ACCEPTED ON PAGEANT DAY *
OOC Music selection *
Talent Music selection *
Optional Signature Logo T-shirt Pre-order
I understand that anyone over age 5 who comes to watch the pageant will pay a $5 entry fee *

Personality Pageants Rules & Regulations Contract

Contestant &/or titleholders must agree to abide by the following rules, with the possibility of disqualification for infractions thereof:

  1. Indemnity Agreement. I release the Personality Pageants Organization, their Directors, Judges, Employees, & any other person, firm, individual or corporation charged with responsibility or liability, their heirs, administrators, executors, successors and assigns from and against and any and all claims, lawsuits, demands, damages, loss of service, actions and causes of actions, based upon, arising out of, or in any way related to any honors, rights, or a wards sought by me as a contestant, the conduct of business thereat, the ownership and possession of any honors, rights, or awards thereby, any negligent act, or any act of misfeasance or non-misfeasance by the referenced pageant, or any of their agents, contractors, volunteers, employees or licensees in conjunction with any honors or awards bestowed at said listed above from any and all claims. I agree to hold harmless and indemnify such pageant listed above from any and all claims that I or my representative may have against such honors, rights, and awards. Such indemnification to include and/or all fees (including reasonable attorney’s fees), costs & other expenses reasonably incurred by or on behalf of the above actions or causes of actions.
  2. Code of Conduct. Titleholders, contestants, or guests agree to make every effort to be a positive role model for others and agree to the following guidelines while in attendance of a sanctioned event or while in Personality Pageants attire (this includes but is not limited to t-shirts, jackets, sash & crown)
    1. Use of tobacco, alcohol, and/or drugs is prohibited.
    2. Lewd public displays of affection is prohibited.
    3. Contestants & titleholders must agree to speak kindly to others and show support for their pageant sisters.
    4. Titleholders must wear their coordinating official sash & crown together. No crown or sash substitutions are allowed.
  3. Sportsmanship Clause. Good sportsmanship is required at all times by contestants, parents and guests. Bad Sportsmanship is NEVER tolerated! If any contestant, guardian, or guest violates our sportsmanship rules at any time, they will be DISQUALIFIED! Any awards received will be forfeited and they will be asked to leave immediately with no refund. EVERYONE who comes to our pageants has the right to be treated with kindness and respect! THIS APPLIES TO WORDS OR ACTIONS BEFORE, DURING, OR AFTER THE PAGEANT!
  4. Social Media Clause. All information posted online is public and permanent. Titleholders agree to the following:
    1. Do not post, share, or link to any materials that are harassing, libelous, defamatory, discriminatory, or indecent.
    2. If a negative post or comment is found online about Personality Pageants or yourself, do not retaliate with another negative post. If possible, delete the post from your page and seek help from the national office.
  5. Permanent License of Publication Rights: Contestants authorize Personality Pageants and anyone authorized by Personality Pageants to record, stream, televise, photograph, broadcast and/or make radio, television, web based, and audio tapes or video recordings of themselves individually or in a group and also authorize their use or re-use of such photographs, recordings, video tapes, and/or audio tapes in all media.
    1. Contestants authorize the use of their name, likeness and/or physical depiction for any purpose, in an unedited or edited form as Personality Pageants, in its sole discretion, shall determine. This authorization shall also include the use of all such photographs, recordings, videotapes, and/or audiotapes made and/or submitted by the contestant or titleholder during their reigning year or thereafter.
    2. I further agree that these media forms become the permanent property of the Personality Pageants Organization.
  6. Children must be supervised at all times. Any contestant who is found running around or entering the stage area when another contestant is competing will be disqualified! This distracts the judges and the competitor and is not fair to them.
  7. Contestants must remain for crowning to receive prizes. Contestant leaving before crowning forfeit their prizes without a refund.
  8. For the safety of all contestants, ONLY ONE parent/guardian/coach per contestant will be allowed backstage on the date of the pageant unless otherwise approved by the director FOR ANY REASON. All individuals backstage will be required to have appropriate arm bands.
  10. All decisions of the judges are final. Do not approach the judges before, during or after the pageant. It is okay to speak with the judges if they approach you. Judges will be people who are not directly affiliated with contestants entering the pageants.
  11. No information will be given out about the contestant groups or the judges until the day of the pageant.
  12. The director reserves the right to change, add, drop or combine age divisions.
  13. All fees paid are non-refundable.
  14. Contestants agree to follow make-up and wardrobe rules. Contestants understand that violating the rules may result in disqualification.
  15. No tumbling or dangerous talents. Absolutely NO handsprings.
  16. Titleholders are not authorized to allow any person, firm or corporation to use their name, photograph, picture, or present or future title that she may hold, in connection with an endorsement to advertise any personal cause or commercial product without approval from the National director.
  17. Title holders are not restricted from participating in other pageant systems and ARE ALLOWED hold other local, state, or national titles as long as they are able to fulfill their duties as royalty.
  18. Elite titleholders on the Regional and State level MUST agree to move on to compete at that competition year’s Nationals. Elite titleholders who are unable to compete at Nationals will be required to comply with one of the following consequences:
    1. The titleholder can forfeit their title and return all prizes received in the condition it was awarded to them. They will be required to pay damages for unreturned or damaged items (excluding damages due to reasonable wear and tear). Another qualifying girl will be crowned the title.
    2. I understand that I may keep my title if I agree to sponsor the full basic entry fee for a girl to attend Nationals in my place.
      1. I understand that I must still fulfill my required appearances if choosing to keep my title.
    3. I understand and agree that any prizes awarded by the Personality Pageants Organization are subject to the terms and conditions of their rules and regulations.
    4. I understand that all prizes that I may be awarded will be forfeited in the event that I breach this Contract or fail to perform any duties that I may have as a contestant or if I am selected, as a titleholder.
    5. I understand and agree that prizes may be forfeited if I have misrepresented my eligibility to compete or if I have not complied with the rules and regulations.
    6. I understand that awards in my prize package may be staggered in their issuance to me according to my obligations.
    7. Arbitration of Disputes. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract or any breach thereof shall be submitted to arbitration in the state of Pennsylvania in accordance with the Rules of the American Arbitration Association. Judgment upon any award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. This Section shall not in any way affect the rights of the Personality Pageants Organization to (1) seek injunctive relief or (2) take any action permitted by this contract to enforce the eligibility standards of the program in the event that time does not permit the completion of an arbitration process before action must be taken.
  19. Elite, Ambassador, & Role Model, and any other applicable titleholders agree to abide by the required appearances to maintain their title as stated in the Royalty Handbook or other agreements in writing with the organization.
  20. If any parts of the rules contract or Royalty Handbook are violated, the following disciplinary action will be followed:
    1. 1st violation: informal, verbal warning
    2. 2nd violation: formal, written warning
    3. 3rd violation: Suspension / forfeiture of title.
      1. Titleholder will return ALL prizes in good condition. They will be required to pay damages for unreturned or damaged items (excluding damages due to reasonable wear and tear).
    4. HOWEVER: Depending upon the severity of the infraction, the director may invoke the right to automatically and immediately strip a title from a titleholder along with a written letter of explanation.
  21. If I am advised by the Personality Pageants Organization that my use of any of the titles, words, or symbols associated with the Personality Pageants Organization has caused or is reasonably likely to cause harm to the Personality Pageants Organization, I agree to discontinue any such use immediately. I understand and agree that the judgment of the Personality Pageants Organization shall be final and binding.
  22. During my reigning year and/or until a successor is appointed, I irrevocably constitute and appoint the Personality Pageants Organization as my agent, representative and attorney-in-fact with the authority to:
    1. Make press releases or other public statements to the media.
    2. Sign, make, execute and deliver all contracts in my name in connection with any appearances or other obligations which are related to my title which are to be fulfilled during or after the completion of my reigning year, provided that I have consented in writing to the terms of such contracts.
    3. Determine the appropriate compensation, if any, that I shall receive for appearances or other activities related to my title.
    4. Collect and receive for and on my behalf all proceeds, monies or other compensation that is due or to become due to me by reason of any service, appearance, engagement or contract in connection with my title.
I have read, understand, and accept the above rules *
Attorney Review of Application and Contract. I have been given sufficient opportunity to review this contract, Royalty Handbook, and any other applicable documents by the organization. I have also had the opportunity to consult with an attorney of my own choosing to give me legal advice with regard to this Application and Contract. *
By typing your name and submitting this application, you are signing this Agreement electronically. You agree that your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this Agreement and you consent to be legally bound by this Agreement's terms and conditions.

(Parent/Guardian signature required for any contestants under age 18)
How the Application Works

You will be required to pay a minimum $75 deposit to reserve your spot.
We securely accept PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, & USPS Money Orders ONLY
(sorry, no personal checks)
 Please send PayPal payments to:

Spots are reserved in the order in which deposits are received.
You will have up to 2 weeks prior to the pageant to pay your fees in full to secure your spot.
Sorry, no fees are accepted on pageant day.
Fees are non-refundable
If no payment is sent, we will send an invoice to the email address listed on your application. 
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