2022-2023 WHATEVER

SCNV 2022-2023 Season
Each year, SCNV produces a publication known as the WHATEVER, containing fun facts and stories from our members. We need your input to make it awesome!
Please reply to this survey by May 31st. Due to the time needed to pull this together, there will be no extension. Please respond now and make your voice heard!
What is your favorite time of day to practice? *
Practice alone or with friends? *
How many hours per week do you skate? *
How many days a week do you skate? *
Black or colorful practice outfits *
Who is scarier, coach or parent? *
Do you like your mom/dad watch you when you practice or have a lesson? *
Are you more nervous to test or compete? *
Competition Jitters - are they good or bad? *
What word(s) does your coach say to you most often? *
Slow song or fast song? *
Jumps - Spins - Footwork (Moves)? *
What, if any, sacrifices have you made for skating? *
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