The following individual has applied to be a volunteer mentor with Tarheel ChalleNGe Academy.  He/she is being considered for a match in a one-to-one relationship with one of our cadets.  The information received by you is kept in strict confidence.  
Does the applicant work well with others? *
Does the applicant have a good home relationship? *
Does he/she have a tendency to over-commit or get too involved? *
Please rate the volunteer on the questions below: *
Compassion for those in need
Concern for young people
Maturity and stability
Ability to respect others with differing views and values from their own
Skillfulness to express an opinion in the face of opposition
Responsibility to use confidential information appropriately
Ability to remain objective in a crisis or conflict situation
Capability to problem solve and reach decisions independently
Openness to learning
Verbal communication skills
Written communication skills
Proficiency to carry out assignments in due time