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List the total number of boys teams within your club in the following age groups:
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Is the club a 501c3 Non-Profit or a For-Profit organization? *


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Did any of your boys teams participate in the National League in the most recent season? *
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Did any of your boys teams participate in National League national events in the most recent season? *
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OPTIONAL: If you require more space to provide supplemental information to completely answer any of the above questions about your club, please upload a single document here. You may also submit the supplemental information or presentation to following completion of this application.


All National League E64 clubs must adhere to all club hosting standards as determined by the National League. These standards include, but may not be limited to:

-- Host club provides two (2) fields if playing all six (6) age groups (one field can be used if both clubs agree). If playing on grass it must be a quality playing surface. Host club should have access to a backup turf field if playing on grass
-- Host club must supply a qualified athletic trainer to be on site for the duration of the matches
-- Host club must film each match using a 180-degree camera
-- Host club must upload game film for match analysis no later than the Monday following a weekend of games
-- Host club must have two (2) tents (one over each team bench) per field. These tents can be club, National League, or Elite 64 branded tents. In cases of club branded tents, there shall be no non-USYS program logos or brands.
-- Hydration stations at the halfway line in between the team benches (can be either sports drink or water).
-- Host club will send out invitations to all college coaches in the surrounding areas to contribute in making every E64 match a recruitable moment.
-- Welcome packet: it is expected that the host club puts together an email and an attached welcome packet for the incoming club. The Welcome Packet should include information about the facility, parking, hotel and restaurant options, etc.
Does your club understand and agree to meeting the club hosting standards? *


National League E64 Provides:
-- professional league management
-- professional event management
-- qualification to National League Quarterfinal event (semifinals event is additional fee, if qualified)
-- national event referee fees and operational expenses
-- recorded game film at all national events
-- player and coach registration management (risk management, SafeSport, player carding, etc.)

-- access to National League partners, including Taka, STATsports, Evolve1, Soccer Profile, NCSA and Veo
-- connectivity to college and professional organizations through game and player analytics
-- referee assigning fees
-- provide access to field branding

Club Obligations:
-- team registration fee - $3,150 per team [includes all league fees, registration fees (up to 30 per team) and 1 NL Quarterfinal event]
-- additional payment of $1000 per team if qualified for Semifinal event
-- adherence to National League payment deadlines
-- club deposit of $4000/gender following notification of acceptance
-- referee fees for home matches (approx. $200-$250 per game)
-- home hosting fees (athletic trainers, field rentals, video recording, hydration stations, tents, etc.)
-- all team travel costs
-- single club point of contact/club representative for National League E64 (full-time staff member)
-- commitment to timely and professional communication with the league and other member clubs

Please note: these fees are subject to change. 

Does your club understand and agree to meeting the above obligations? *


Club Representative: Our club will designate a specific National League E64 representative to serve as the point person for National League, which includes team/club game schedule coordination. The club representative may also be requested to serve on National League Advisory Groups. *
Team Participation: If accepted, our club will field a team at all six age groups of 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U and 19U for the duration of our time in National League E64. *
Competitive level: Our club will field the most competitive possible teams in National League E64 competition in order to maintain the integrity of this elite competition. Our club understands that failure to maintain the standards to compete in this league will result in our position in National League E64 being evaluated by the National League for continued participation. *
Completion of National League E64 season: All National League E64 teams in our club are required to participate in the entire National League E64 season. Should any team from our club in National League E64 fail to complete their league season schedule, the club may be sanctioned by the National League which could include lose of National League E64 membership. *
Hosting Standards: Each team from our club in National League E64 will follow the club hosting standards set forth by National League. *
Policies, rules and procedures: All teams in our club will abide by National League rules and procedures. *
Marketing and promotion: Our club will actively promote National League through all channels of communication (website, social media, email, newsletters) and share National League content provided by or posted by USYS through all of our social media channels. *
Payment Deadlines: Failure to pay National League fees by stated deadlines may result in sanctions that could include, but not be limited to: fines, forfeiture of league games, inability to participate in national events, suspension from league participation, and/or complete removal from the league. *
Registration: The applying club will be properly registered with US Youth Soccer for the upcoming seasonal year.  *
Application Verification: Our club understands all information presented as part of this application. All information in this application is correct, and the club understands that any misrepresentation of team accomplishments may result in the club being disqualified from participation. *
Questions about the application can be directed to