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**Please forward a copy of your chart of accounts to support@unifypayroll.com OR upload it below**

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Please enter the banking information for the business' payroll account. This is the account we will use for: paying employees and for the payroll debit (including direct deposits, taxes, and fees). If you wish to use more than one bank account for some reason, please specify the details in the Special Instructions sections at the bottom of this form.

Secure File Transfer

If you have these items ready to go, please go ahead and upload scans, pictures, files, etc. If you don't have these ready quite yet, don't worry, you can always send us files later and securely using this link.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are coming to us from another payroll service, we generally won't need you to upload any of this information since we can usually just log in and retrieve all of this information for you. If this applies to you, then just skip this section. We want to make this process as easy as possible for you! 

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Please review the information entered above for accuracy. When you are done, please click the submit button below. Upon receipt of this information, we will prepare the "New Client Set Up Forms" and we will e-mail them to the address specified below. I recommend that you use YOUR e-mail address so that you can review the forms before presenting them to the Executive Contact for signature. If you are the Executive Contact, please re-enter your e-mail address as the preparer below.
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