2019 Winter Break Soccer Camp

Winter Break Soccer Camp
Mon. Dec. 30 // Tues. Dec, 31
Thurs. Jan. 2 // Fri. Jan. 3 // Mon. Jan. 6
Please select from the following FULL DAY or half day camps
5 FULL days: $350 // Single FULL day: $75
5 HALF days: $225 // Single HALF day: $50
 FULL Day Choices (8 am - 5 pm)                     HALF Day Choices (8 am - Noon) 

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All precautions will be taken to prevent accidents. However, should an accident occur, first aid will be administered and parent and/or doctor will be notified, if deemed necessary. Austin Sports Academy (hereafter referred to as ASA) and staff cannot be held liable for injuries that occur on facility gym premises or otherwise in the care of ASA personnel. I/We assume all responsibility and hereby waive any claim for compensation for injury incurred by myself or my child while at ASA and agree to indemnify or hold harmless the facility, its owners, and employees against any and all claims which may arise from an injury to my child while participating in the program. ASA may use photos and/or video of students, staff and visitors in overview material including website. I hereby grant full permission to ASA and its staff to use any photographs, motion pictures, videos, recordings and any other records of events for any legitimate purposes including commercial advertising. 

I have read the rules and policies on this page and agree to abide by the above stated guidelines. *