Reminder: This form is required before your first session can be scheduled. We then keep this consent on file. Please do not submit a new form for return appointments.

Ministry and Discernment Coaching Consent Form

Have you watched the first twenty-five minutes of our video titled "Understanding Generational Prayer", participated in an Aslan's Place teaching on generational prayer, or been briefed by pastor Mark Graham from Abundant Living? *
I understand that I cannot book an appointment until I'm able to answer "yes" to the previous question. *
I understand that my prayer minister may choose to have additional prayer team members present during the session.(Contact us for details) *
I understand that if my session is not in-person, I must have a way during the session to access the prayers at or have a printed Aslan's Place prayer book. *
I understand that this consent is not a request for an appointment and that I must contact Aslan's Place directly to make appointment arrangements. Inside the United States? Arrangements must be made over the phone. Please call 760-810-0990. Outside the United States? Email *
I have been informed that the ministry of deliverance is a ministry based in religious belief and is not recognized by the secular field of psychology as a method for the resolution of psychological problems.

I further understand that the session will be conducted by a trained prayer minister. There will also be intercessors present who will be praying for me throughout the session for God’s healing and direction.

I recognize that this step of faith has been helpful for many but has not been scientifically proven. I understand
that I might experience heightened emotions and memories that were previously unknown or unresolved, that
neither I nor anyone else knew about in advance. I understand that there is a possibility that one or more of
these memories may be screened or false. I will not hold any of the participants responsible for my memories
or behaviors.

I give my consent for deliverance, and am in no way being forced, pressured, or coerced to submit to this procedure from any person or entity. I also have the right to terminate the session at any time without penalty.
I understand that there is no guarantee of continued or ongoing prayer ministry with Aslan's Place staff members.  Aslan's Place staff reserves the right to discontinue a prayer session at any time for any reason as they feel led.

I do understand that if I give any indication that I am currently suicidal or if there is new information about a current molestation of a minor that the prayer minister will report this immediately to legal authorities.

I am entering my name below as a legal acknowledgment that I have been informed of my rights and have had the opportunity to obtain whatever information or professional advice I deemed necessary or appropriate prior to undergoing deliverance.


Consent For Minors:

As the parent or legal guardian, I consent to ministry for the following individuals who are under the age of 18.