Aide for Animals  
P.O. Box 50204
Mobile, AL 36605  

 Adoption Application/Contract
Please read carefully
We'd like to remind you that a pet is a member of your family and a lifetime commitment.
      Applicant must be 21 yrs or older -  All of our animals are spayed or neutered, microchipped and receive all necessary veterinary care such as deworming, flea treatment,  feline aids and leukemia testing, appropriate vaccines and any other treatment necessary.  Suggested adoption donation is $100.00 (cat or dog) which covers only a portion of our costs, and goes toward helping another rescue in need.   Some of our animals may have suffered abuse and neglect in the past and will need your patience in their new environment which may cause them added stress.   These animals deserve a new chance at life with as much love and the best care any of us can provide.             
Cats and Kittens MUST be transported in a secure carrier or crate.
 Please provide the following information: 
Is everyone in your household aware and in agreement with this adoption? *
┬áIf you rent, we require written authorization from your landlord to keep a pet. E-mail to *
Do you have children at home? If so please tell us how many and their ages *
0/200 words
                    Declawing is inhumane; Do you agree to never declaw this cat? *
Have you had pets before? If yes please explain *
Do you have animals in your household at the present? if so how many and what breeds. *
Are they spayed/neutered? If not please tell us why. *
Will this pet live: *
We prefer that dogs and cats live indoors and have access to a secure yard or cat escape proof fenced in yard/area.
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