1. Campers must be signed in and out of camp by a parent/guardian or authorized adult every day.
  2. Campers are expected to be respectful and courteous to all campers, staff, as well as others at Camp Diva Leadership.
  3. Absolutely no physical or verbal altercations with fellow campers or staff. Fighting, the use of offensive language or any other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated, and the camper’s parent will be notified immediately and dismissed from the program. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to pick up the camper upon the notification of misconduct and/or expulsion from camp.
  4. Inappropriate depictions included but are not limited to: drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gang, violence or sex.
  5. Smoking is not permitted.
  6. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes any intentional written, verbal, or physical act intended to harm another camper.
  7. Friends and siblings who are not registered in the camp will not be allowed to participate in camp activities.
  8. Shorts must be an appropriate length, no halter shirts, crop tops or tank tops allowed.
  9. All apparel may not have inappropriate language or graphics on them.
  10. Only sneakers can be worn. No flip-flops or sandals allowed.
  11. Clothing should be comfortable and suitable for exercising
  12. Do not wear loose jewelry
  13. Cell phones, I-Pods, I-Pads, or other electronic devices are not allowed during camp hours, but cell phones may be used during lunch breaks, tech activities, and some field trips. Girls For A Change is not responsible for lost or stolen electronics.
  14. Camp Diva shirts must be worn on all field trips. Additional shirts may be purchased for $15 each.
  15. Money may be brought on field trips. We will be teaching money handling and management classes during trips. 
  16. Girls For A Change is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  17. On pool days, campers must wear a one-piece swimsuit and bring a towel.
  18. Bring a light sweater or jacket for cool spaces. 
  19. Please put your child’s name on all articles brought to camp.
  20. What to Bring: Your daughter may want to bring a water bottle each day. Check the calendar for other specific items that your daughter may need to bring with them to camp.
  21. Field Trips: A signed field trip permission slip must be on file for each child. Trips are subject to change/cancellation due to inclement weather and staff are not held responsible to contact parents of any changes. All campers are expected to attend all of the field trips, as they are a scheduled activity of the camp. The cost of the field trips is not included in each week’s camp fee. Please be sure your child wears their t-shirt on field trips and plan to arrive early. In addition to weekly all camp field trips, individual camp groups may schedule their own off-site trip and this information will be noted in the weekly calendar. Off-site trips may require an additional fee. Some Buses provided may not have A/C for field trips and/or pool days.
  22. Prescription drugs need to be given to a staff member for storage and distribution.


    It is the stated policy of DCS, in accordance with VA State Law, that all participants medications must be kept in the First Aid Office. Campers may not carry prescription or over the counter medications with them. This even includes topical sprays and creams. Counselors may not carry medication for campers.

    Our staff has been instructed to confiscate any medication that is found with a camper and turn it into the First Aid Director/Site Director who will then contact the camper’s primary contact person on file.

    Exceptions: Asthma pumps and epi-pens. Even for these, however, we must have a medication administration form on file.

    Counselors will carry asthma pumps and epi-pens for participants in their group. During the elective time, they will switch and the participant will carry it until they return to their site.

    Medication Administration Forms are available onsite. A hard copy, signed form must be turned in along with the medication at the camp.

  23. All participants are expected to dismiss on time. A late fee of $5/minute will be assessed beginning at 6:01 p.m. If a child remains at the camp location beyond 6:30 p.m., the following calls will be made until a response is received. If an emergency arises that will delay pick up, we must be notified immediately and another person authorized to pick your child up must come. Charges still apply for late notifications.
  1. A call to the parent’s workplace and/or home.
  2. A call to those authorized to pick up the child.
  3. A call to the emergency contact.
  4. A call to the local police department and Child Protective Services.


Girls For A Change will not permit parents or authorized representatives who are intoxicated to pick children up from our camp location. We do not wish to expose the location to any legal action for the improper release of children, but more importantly, we do not wish to expose the children enrolled in our programs to any danger resulting from their parents’ or authorized adult’s impaired faculties.  Therefore, we will expect our staff to be alert to the possibility of parental intoxication, and if there is evidence of such intoxication by means of speech, gait, or manner, that staff member will call a second staff member to corroborate. If both staff members agree that the parent is intoxicated, the staff will not permit transportation by that person, and the Richmond Police Department will be called to assist the program staff in determining the course of action to be taken.  If the parent insists on removing a child in spite of these actions, a conference will be held that week between the parent and the Director that could result in termination of the child’s participation in the program.


A parent of a child enrolled in the program who is not the child’s custodial parent will be permitted unlimited access to the camp location and be afforded the same rights as the custodial parent unless there is court documentation limiting access and contact by the non-custodial parent. This documentation must be on file in our office. Upon entering the camp location, the non-custodial parent must report to the director or designee in the Girls For A Change office.


It is the intent of all of the Girls For A Change's program to provide all parents and guardians with an avenue for discussing and resolving any concerns they may have with regard to the care being provided by the organization. When a concern has been identified, the parent should first discuss the issue with the program staff members. It is suggested that in order to facilitate the conversation, an appointment should be scheduled and the individual requesting the appointment should prepare a written list of pertinent discussion points prior to the appointment. Notes of what was discussed and agreed to during the meeting are also encouraged. Once the staff member(s) has/have addressed the issue, based on the response, the parent or guardian should consider the issue resolved. If the staff member was unable to address the issue because of its administrative nature, or if the parent or guardian is dissatisfied with the response or outcome, he/she should then discuss the issue with the Site Director. At that meeting, the parent or guardian should be prepared to discuss what has transpired to-date. The Director will research the issue and respond to the parent in a follow-up meeting, or at the initial meeting if no research is needed.


Please remind your daughter(s) that they are often expected to maintain a positive attitude. In order to provide a safe and fun environment for all participants, all rules and regulations must be followed. The Camp Director has the right to take disciplinary action if rules are not followed. Parents and/or guardians will be notified either during or after the camp day, and all infractions will be written and recorded. After two verbal warnings, the participant will have the choice to follow the rule or be dismissed from camp either for the day or for the duration of the week, a refund will not be given.

A zero tolerance policy is enforced in regard to bullying as well as other acts of aggression. Fighting, hitting, or physical altercations of any kind will result in the participant(s) being separated and removed from the camp group until a parent or guardian can pick them up, a refund will not be given.