City of Newport Beach
Special Event Support Application
Community & Charitable Events FY 2018-2019

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Directions for Completing the Application Form
• Each question should be answered clearly and briefly.
• If a question is not applicable, enter N/A and provide a reason why you feel it does not apply to your event.
• Please adhere to the word limits in certain sections.
• Attach a copy of the event budget, including the anticipated revenues and expenditures.
• Incomplete or applications received after the submission deadline will not be accepted.
• Do not submit collateral materials (i.e. marketing materials and programs). They will not be considered.
• Applications must be submitted online.
• The completed application must be received no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, April 27, 2018.
Funding Levels
Community and Charitable Grants will be awarded at set, not-to-exceed levels that correlate to the amount of City of Newport Beach (City) fees an applicant is expected to pay. Successful applicants will be awarded grants in the form of credits toward their City special event fees.
For events that are not required to pay City related fees, funding support may be assigned to an event at a level between $100 and $15,000. The review of funding will take into account the size and scope of the event and how well it otherwise meets the program’s evaluation criteria. The City requires awardees enter into a City prepared agreement prior to the release of any funds. All agreements will include right to audit language and that the organizer submit an event conclusion report, which includes the event’s balance sheet and income statement. Upon completion of a grant agreement, the City will issue a check for the approved funding amount to the event organizer.
The City will determine a successful applicant’s funding tier and the amount of grant funding awarded based upon the information provided in the application and any history of similar events held within Newport Beach.
Grants awarded are not intended to cover all of an event organizer’s costs associated with City oversight. If an awardee incurs costs (City fees) higher than the grant award, they will owe the City the difference. If the awardee’s costs are lower than was projected during the grant award process, the City will keep the difference.
The grants for Community and Charitable Events are categorized into the following three-tiered system*:
• Tier 1 - $100 - $2,500
• Tier 2 - $2,501- $7,500
• Tier 3 - $7,501- $15,000
*Based upon City Special Event Permit Fee and estimated or average related City fees.

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Applicant Information - Community & Charitable Events
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Event Information - Community & Charitable Events

Evaluation Criteria (see Special Event Support Overview for complete information):

Applications will be reviewed and evaluated based on the following criteria:

1. The event serves, involves, and/or promotes Newport Beach, its residents, schools and/or businesses.
2. The event directly or indirectly benefits the Newport Beach community by supporting its schools, cause-related or non-profit organizations; offering educational, cultural or arts experiences; or providing recreational or social activities.
3. The event benefits a Newport Beach or Orange County-based non-profit organization or Newport Beach community or neighborhood organization.
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The request for City support must include a list of other City entities or groups (e.g., City Arts Commission, a Business Improvement District, Library support group, etc.) from which the applicant is seeking financial support. Are you seeking financial support from other City entities? *
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