John Wayne Airport Community Survey

As the City of Newport Beach (City) continues its work to limit the impacts of John Wayne Airport on our city, we believe it’s essential that the community is informed and engaged. In order for us to provide the right type and level of information, it’s important for us to periodically gather data on our community’s awareness of, and interest in, airport issues. Please take a few minutes to complete our brief survey.
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What is your zip code? *
How would you rate the quality of life in Newport Beach? On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the WORST and 5 being the BEST.
Would you say the quality of life is better, about the same, or not as good as the quality of life in other Orange County cities?
Have you flown in/out of John Wayne Airport in the last year?
If yes, how often?
Now that you have read the City's recent newsletter on this subject, the next few questions help us understand your familiarity with some important aspects of Newport Beach's relationship with John Wayne Airport.
The County of Orange owns and operates John Wayne Airport, and the FAA controls where planes fly once they leave the runway. As you understand it, is this True or False?
As you read the next sentence, please identify which of the below statements seems the most accurate to you. "The 1985 Settlement Agreement between two community groups (AWG and SPON), the County of Orange, and the City of Newport Beach ... " (please select the end to the sentence as it appears to be the most true to you.
Which of the below describes Noise Abatement Departure Procedure (NADP) #1?
Regarding the steep-ascent takeoff at JWA, please select the answer that appears to be the most accurate to you.
Which of the below describes the FAA's NextGen program as it's applied to JWA?
As you have learned about the City of Newport Beach's efforts to mitigate the impact on our community from flights from JWA, do you feel that those efforts are on the right track or the wrong track?
Thank you for completing that "open book" part of the survey. Next, we'd like you to offer your impressions about what living near JWA is like.
What concerns you about living or working under the flight departure corridor for John Wayne Airport? Check all that apply. *
Think about the past five years. Setting aside anything you may have recently read or heard about John Wayne Airport operations, do you personally find that the noise from departing flights has gotten better (less disruptive) or has gotten worse (more disruptive)?
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How would you prefer the City of Newport Beach keep you informed about airport related issues? Mark all that apply. *

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