Short Term Lodging Wait List Form

Pursuant to NBMC Section 5.95.042, the maximum number of short term lodging permits shall be limited to 1,550 permits.  The existing number of permits exceeds 1,550.

If you are still interested in obtaining a short term lodging permit, please complete the form below to be placed on the waitlist.  You will be notified by City staff when there is availability. As permit spaces become available, waitlist applications will be processed in the order they were submitted. The applicant must remit their applications and required application to staff within 10 calendar days of staff notification.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please note that in order to obtain a short term lodging permit, the property must be appropriately zoned for short term lodging.  You may confirm your property‚Äôs eligibility by clicking HERE. In addition, escrow must be closed and you must be the owner on title in order to submit to the wait list.

If you need to change your contact information on the waitlist, please send an email to

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