Petting Zoo event authorization in Broward County Parks.

Unfortunately, in Broward County Parks.
Do not allow Trackless Train and only the limited Petting Zoo.
They do not allow children to enter, touch or to hold the petting zoo animals.
Our company hold Petting Zoo events in Broward parks,
only if you, accept these conditions


* The animals can’t be removed from the fence.
* The animals can only be fed from the outside of the fence.
* The assistant are the only person responsible to held the animals.

Under no circumstances are Trackless Trains accepted at Broward County parks

If you want more information about these restrictions, contact us...305-328-8570

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I have reviewed and accept the Terms and Conditions set forth in this document, with reference to the restrictions imposed at the Petting Zoo event in Broward County Parks. I am legally authorized to sign and sent this document. Furthermore, I understand that my accept and full digital signature name makes this document legally binding and I release Ponies & Petting Zoo from assuming any responsibility in connection with the restrictions of Broward County Parks. *
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