Arena Location:
7344 N 16th Street
Dalton Gardens, ID 83815
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Nomination Fees are a one-time annually fee, that nominates you and/or your horse(s) for awards at the end of each series (buckle, summer), also makes rider eligible to compete at the Idaho State O-Mok-see and National O-Mok-See under PDIA.

*If riding 2 age groups on any horse 2 fees need to be paid, Nominating rider not horse.

*If riding 2 Horses in One Age group 2 fees need to be paid, Nominating Horses not rider.

You have until the November show to nominate for the buckle series. That will run you through until the next October.

You have until the May show to nominate for the summer series.  That will carry you until October of the same year.

New Participates may petition the board of directors to nominate for series at any time.

Please ask for nomination form to fill out. Thank you PDIA Board

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