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Initial Disclosure Document - Saskatchewan ONLY


Mortgage brokerages must inform you whether a lender has an ownership interest in the mortgage brokerage, the number of lenders the mortgage brokerage is capable of submitting an application to, and the names of those lenders. This information is required by Saskatchewan legislation, and must be provided to you at the earliest opportunity and not less than two (2) business days before you:
   -  commit yourself to enter into the mortgage; OR
   -  make any payment or committing to make any payment in connection with the mortgage, other 
      than fees or charges paid to the mortgage brokerage for its services.

1. The mortgage brokerage IS NOT directly or indirectly owned in whole or in part by a mortgage lender.

2. The mortgage brokerage is capable of submitting your mortgage application to multiple lenders at the present time. A list will be provided to you upon approval. 
By Checking this box

I/we authorize the brokerage to obtain a credit report for the purposes of my/our mortgage application and I/we authorize the brokerage to exchange such credit information with potential mortgage lenders, mortgage insurers or service providers for the purpose of securing mortgage financing. Pursuant to the Real Estate Act, the brokerage is required to maintain the application and credit information for a minimum period of 3 years.

By Checking this box

I/we hereby consent to the brokerage to collect, use, and disclose my/our personal information for the purposes of securing a mortgage on my/our behalf. In addition, I/we authorize the Brokerage to verify any information pursuant to my/our application from any source. A copy of our Privacy Policy can be obtained at

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