Correctional Officer Supplemental Application

Referral Information

If you received the referral link from a current FDC employee, their information is shown below.

If you were referred to the position by a current Florida Department of Corrections employee, you may enter their information below.

I want to provide the name of the FDC employee who referred me to the position. *

Personal Information

I would like to receive text updates regarding my application status at the primary phone number listed above. I understand that standard messaging charges may apply, and I may choose to opt-out at any time. *
Have you lived outside of the United States in the past five years? *


Sex *
US Citizen? *
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Military Service

Military experience? *

Institution Preference

Click here to see a map of the major institutions.

General Information

1. Have you applied in the People First system at *

To be considered for the position, you will also need to complete the State of Florida application.

After submitting this form, you will be provided a link to do so.

2. Are you related to anyone presently employed
with the Florida Department of Corrections? *
3. Do you have a business or personal relationship with
anyone presently incarcerated or under the supervision
of the Florida Department of Corrections system? *
4. Have you ever held a position (including internship,
volunteer, contract, or OPS positions) with the
Florida Department of Corrections? *
5. Have you ever worked for an entity (i.e. private contractor) that
held any contractual relationship or financial interest with the
Florida Department of Corrections? *
6. Have you ever applied for or been employed by any law enforcement
agency as a Correctional Officer, Probation Officer, or Law Enforcement Officer? *
7. Indicate below if you have taken a Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) state officer certification exam. Select all that apply. *
8. Indicate below if you have ever been a certified
law enforcement officer. Select all that apply. *
9. Has your FDLE certification ever been suspended,
revoked, terminated, or expired? *
10. Have you ever had any type of disciplinary action taken against you while employed as a Correctional Officer, Probation Officer, or Law Enforcement Officer? *
11. Have you ever used or experimented with any illegal substances or drugs? *
12. Have you ever sold, delivered, manufactured, smuggled, or trafficked in illegal substances or drug paraphernalia? *
13. Have you ever been civilly or administratively adjudicated guilty to have engaged in any sexual abuse or sexual harassment? *
14. Have you ever had your privileges to carry a firearm revoked? *
15. Do you now or have you ever had any affiliation with a known “gang” or threat group? *
16. Do you have any “gang” or threat group related tattoos or tattoos that may appear to be “gang” or threat group related? *
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